Weekend Shots [3/17/14]

17 Mar

Happy Monday! We spent the past weekend in Boston, Massachusetts at a psychology conference. It was a busy, sleep-deprived weekend but we enjoyed every second of it! Here are some pictures and highlights from our short weekend getaway!


For lunch on Friday we finally got to try Sweet Green!





We both ended up going for the Spicy Sabzi salad with buckwheat bread on the side. It was fabulous and we cannot wait to try and recreate this salad at home!




For dinner we hit up Atlantic Fish Company after our mom and Lou gave the place rave reviews after trying it out during there last trip to Boston.






Needless to say, both of us were extremely impressed all the way from the beer to The San Francisco Cioppino we had for dinner. The cioppino was a huge bowl of lobster, shrimp, clams, fish, scallops, and mussels in a spicy broth. It was to die for!




Saturday morning we met one of Kayla’s friends she made in Australia who studies at Boston College.



We met for a late breakfast at Pavement Cafe. Whole wheat bagel sandwiches with scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, and tempeh bacon. Extra large iced coffees to wash it all down.

After breakfast we spent the majority of the afternoon walking around Boston window shopping and enjoying the beautiful 50 degree weather.


In the afternoon we met our parents at Georgetown Cupcakes.



The carrot cake vegan cupcake did not disappoint.



After our last presentation later in the day we packed up the car and headed to Cambridge Brewing Company before leaving Massachusetts.



We were so impressed with their Spring Training IPA it was gone in about 2.5 seconds.




Lentil and walnut burgers and a fresh greens salad on the side was the perfect last meal in Boston.



Both of us were so in love with Boston and really enjoyed the city life atmosphere! Future home? Perhaps.

So tell us, are you a city person?


 This weekend was definitely marvelous. Thanks Katie for hosting such a fun link-up.

WIAW Post-Vacation

12 Mar

It is definitely an understatement when we say it is a little difficult to get back into the swing of things after spending seven days away on vacation. After being in 70-80 degree temperatures, 30 degree temperatures were no longer considered “warmer days”. However, hopefully we will see some warmer days ahead! Each day we are counting down the days left until spring! Eight to go! We cannot wait.

Although it was wonderful to have someone cook and serve us dinner for seven whole days, we would be lying if we said we did not miss cooking in our own kitchen. We could not wait to get home and purchase some of our favorite basics we missed during our trip! Heres what was on our list.

1. Plain Greek Yogurt
2. Mixed Greens
3. Hummus
4. Oversized Carrots
5. Sweet Potatoes 
6.  Flavored Coffee
7. Kale
8. Strawberries

We were planning to stop at a Costco on the way home, but instead we passed a Trader Joes so of course we just had to stop! Thankfully our mom picked up a few things at Costco for us anyways, but we were also able to get our favorite hummus, pink lady apples, a few jars of our favorite unsalted peanut butter, and trail mix! What is your favorite thing to purchase from Trader Joes?

We used these groceries to get us through the next few days until we are onto our next adventure. We wanted to link up with Peas and Crayons to give you a closer look at what we have been enjoying these past few days. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the What I Ate Wednesday party over on her blog!


Nature Path Cereal with Bananas and Strawberries.


Cinnamon French Toast Flavored Coffee.


Panera’s Multigrain Bagels with Cilantro Hummus and Pink Lady Apples.


Greek Yogurt Parfaits.


Dishing up the Dirt’s Butternut Squash and Black Bean Soup.


Pumpkin Cornbread from the Nutritious Kitchen.



Grapes, Bananas, and Pears.


And Carrot Cake Doughboy Smoothies (recipe to come soon).


We definitely missed our favorite foods during our Spring Break getaway, but enjoyed all of our time unplugged, relaxed, and soaking up the sun! Can you tell we got a little burnt?

Spring Break Getaway

10 Mar

Here’s what the past 7 days looked like.
Sunshine, cruising, ports of call, relaxing in the warmth, and sister time.

Stay tuned for a full recap to come!

Weekend Shots [2/24/14]

24 Feb

Blogs are marvelous. Especially when you look back at the picture montage of the weekend and realize it was a pretty fabulous one. Here are some snapshots from our weekend.



























Happy Monday! Thanks Katie for hosting this fun Monday link up. You sure know how to do Monday the right way.

WIAW [2/19/14]

19 Feb

Here’s a full day of eats from the world of Devon & Kayla.

Our day was filled with green smoothie bowls.


Raspberry + Provolone + Arugula sandwiches.


Bananas + Peanut Butter.


Leftover Chili Bowls with Freekah + Kale + Greek Yogurt.


And Greek Yogurt with lots and lots of Blueberries.


What does a day look like in your world?

Be sure to check out Peas and Crayons for the rest of the WIAW link-up party!


Weekend Shots [2/17/14]

17 Feb

Sometimes the snow is awesome. Sometimes the snow sucks. This weekend was one of the later two.

Unfortunately, the unexpected snow storm ruined our plans to make a quick trip to visit our cousin. However, it all ended up working out and she found a beautiful dress to walk down the aisle in. We all three have a feeling that our dad had something to do with it. He likes to do stuff like that.

We spent the majority of Saturday being lazy because lets be honest sometimes we all just need a lazy day.

Sunday we slept in, made a big bowl of oats for breakfast, sipped our coffee slowly, and started studying for an upcoming exam. Then we spent a few hours in the afternoon at work and then spent the evening with our Phi Sigma Sigma sisters. Twas’ a good weekend indeed. Here are some photos to prove just how marvelous it truly was.

Chili & cornbread. 


Enormous bananas anyone?




Overnight oats.




Pears galore.


Late night snacks.


Poached eggs.




Make sure to check out the all the other marvelous Monday blog posts over on Katie’s blog, Healthy Diva Eats. Marvelous

Friday Favorites [2/14/14]

14 Feb

Love is in the air today! Can you feel it?
We can! So we wanted to share our Friday favorites with you today!

1. Noosa Yogurt


We recently bought honey noosa at the grocery store after hearing about it on Katheats and finding it on sale! We typically lean towards plain greek yogurt so there is not much added to the yogurt besides the basics, but this yogurt sparked our interest because it is filled with REAL ingredients that you can actually recognize on the label. It is not quite as thick as Greek yogurt, but it still has a thicker consistency than regular yogurt. We definitely want to keep our eyes out for more of their other flavors.

2. Buckwheat quinoa granola


This is our third time making a batch of this stuff! It is just that good. It’s a mixture of rolled oats, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cinnamon, and honey! It’s perfect for yogurt parfaits and smoothie bowls! If you’re interested in the recipe, you can find it on our blog here!

3. Weekends with fun plans

We are so excited for this weekend! Tonight we have dinner plans with one of our best friends, Nicole! We are making peanut pumpkin stew and drinking sweet red by the fireplace! Who needs men anyways when there is good food, girl talk, and vino?

Saturday morning we are hitting the road early to drive to Lock Haven to meet our cousin, Kate to help her wedding dress shop! Weddings are so much fun and we are so excited she invited us along! We have not had the chance to see each other for so long, and are extra excited for an opportunity to get together! Even better is that we get to see our aunt too! Thankfully we got someone to cover our shifts at work so we could spend the weekend together. Short road trips are the best.

4. Afternoon tea

Lately with these below freezing temperatures we have been warming up our afternoons with a cup of tea. Our current favorite flavors include Tazo Calm and Yogi Stress Relief. We can go through a box pretty quickly!


5. Homemade whole wheat pizza


Have we mentioned that we love our bread maker, because if not, we absolutely love our bread maker! We made this honey whole wheat pizza dough in the bread machine. It was so simple. Then we used a hot pizza stone, fresh mozzarella, and arugula and called it a night. [It was perfectly paired with some Troegs]

6. Looking through your Iphone photos


The best moments are when you are scrolling through your photos on your phone and you come across a few you forgot you took. This is a prime example.

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Happy Friday! We hope you all have some fun plans tonight with those that you love!