Monster Overnight Oats

10 Nov

We have done it. We have taken overnight oats to a whole new level.
Spinach + Chai Seeds + Rolled Oats + PB2 + Almond Milk = One Green Goddess

This is simply a crazy concept to grasp but you will never really know if you like it until you try it for yourself! Definitely a new staple in our weekly oatmeal combinations. Lovin’ it

1/3 cup rolled oats
1 cup almond milk
1 banana
1.5 tablespoons of chai seeds
Large handful of spinach
1 tablespoon PB2

1. Pure spinach, almond milk, half a banana, and PB2 in a food processor until liquified
2. Put oats in a bowl and stir in the above mixture
3. Mix in chai seeds and set in the fridge overnight
4. In the morning, slice the other half of the banana on top & enjoy. If you want, you can add additional toppings such as granola, raisins, coconut, or nuts!



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