Happy Holidays

27 Dec

My sister and I would like to begin by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a soon to be Happy New Year! We have spent the past few days surrounding ourselves with those we love most and celebrating the holidays together!

Christmas was such a fabulous day, and we spent the morning after opening presents making a huge lunch for our family. The menu included a spiral ham, broccoli, sugar snap peas, scalloped potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, and rolls. We had a few dessert choices as well that included Wegman’s ultra white cake (TO DIE FOR; must try it if you haven’t already) Wegman’s fruit tart that my sister and I requested (BEST EVER) and pumpkin pie from Cosco with cool whip topping. There were some other cookies and desserts as well but they were not as important to me. I was all about the fruit tart. I definitely couldn’t resist it, and my sister and I both cut ourselves a huge slice of it! Yum! Look at this beauty..


The holidays always make me realize just how lucky I am to have the wonderful family and friends that I do. I am beyond thankful, and I know my sister is too for everything. Instead of posting a holiday recipe, we would love to share our favorite holiday gifts we made this year!

For my mom and step dad, we handmade them their own huge coffee mugs!


I think they were a hit! They started using them right away to drink their coffee!

For my step dad we also decked out a case of locally brewed beer for him. It was so much fun to make the little reindeer and it was relatively an easy project! We found the steps on Pinterest if anyone is interested in doing it themselves!


How cute are these?!

My favorite gifts to give are those that mean the most and are made with love! That’s what Christmas is all about to me. Showing others how much you care about them and expecting nothing in return!

Now that Christmas is behind us, we are spending the next few days off relaxing and reading some of the books we checked out from the public library. We checked out 6, and Kayla is already into the 5th one. I’m a little behind and only on my 4th! We decided this time we would read them in the same order so we could discuss them after we both finished. We would both recommend reading any of Emily Giffin’s books! We just stumbled across her novels and have already read two of them! I’d start with Something Borrowed and then read one of her others! Another we liked was Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson. It’s her own memoir about her life before and after a tragic plane crash she was in that caused 80% of her body to be burned. It’s sad, yet so inspiring to see her getting through the most dark and devastating parts of her life.

Besides having our noses buried into a new book we will be spending some time cooking in the kitchen! I got Hungry Girl’s new cookbook filled with over 650 recipes & a few new kitchen appliances we both can’t wait to experiment with! These include an ice cream/frozen yogurt maker and a vegetable peeler that makes vegetables into pasta like strands! So excited to try them both out!


Of course we will share whatever we end up making over these next few days! Until then, have a safe and happy holiday spending time with family & friends!


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