Healthy Creme Brûlée… For Real?

2 Jan

Our step-dad’s favorite dessert is Creme Brûlée. Last year for Christmas we bought him his own torch and set of ramekins so he could make his own whenever he wanted. Although creme brule is good, it is not the healthiest dessert one could choose. This is because usually it is made with eggs, heavy cream, and loads of sugar. We tried to find a recipe that made this delicious dessert just a little more healthier and came across one on Oprah’s website . We followed this recipe exactly. We had a ton of fresh black berries on hand so we simply substituted them in for the raspberries in the original recipe. If you’re looking for a healthy dessert this one is definitely a good option!


This is when they were baking in the oven.. We were patiently watching them to make sure they turned out perfect!


The finished product with blackberries on top!


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