Yoga Help

9 Jan

We recently have become obsessed with Target! It is crazy how many cool things you can find there on clearance. One of our favorite pastimes is shopping and we have been raised to never turn down a good deal! You should hear some of our dad’s best finds. He used to buy things at crazy low prices, because why not? I think he rubbed off on us two a little bit. So just the other day we were browsing through our local target with our mom and came across Marc Jacobs yoga mats. Originally $50 marked down to $15. We couldn’t turn them down! Aren’t they beautiful?!


Just looking at them makes us want to do yoga. Except there is just one huge problem…we don’t know of any good yoga videos to try! We need your help! Does anyone have any suggestions on yoga videos they’ve tried? Please let us know, we’re desperate! We don’t want to waste our time doing silly videos that can’t be backed up by someone we know. So if you know any personally or know of a yoga expert yourself please share! We just want a good yoga video!!


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