What We Ate Thursday: Week 1

11 Jan

We love reading blogs. I’m not gonna lie.. we both get a little excited each time one of our favorite bloggers updates with a new post.

One of our favorite reasons for reading blogs is that some share what kind of meals and snacks they plan and prepare throughout an ordinary day. It always gives us new ideas for an afternoon snack or meal when we hear what others are doing in the kitchen. What’s better than others input?! So we decided one afternoon… why not share what we eat throughout the day with our readers. So from here on out, we will be blogging our daily food selections each Thursday! This way.. You can see what we make to inspire you for your next afternoon snack, and we care share one of our favorite details on other blogs we read. Win win situation. Hope you all agree.

Week one, is kinda a little out of the ordinary! We went on a birthday trip to downtown Philadelphia, and were spoiled with unique food finds. We’ll share anyways.. We were pretty hyped up about this trip and all of the places we were planning to go!

Breakfast: Coffee. A given of course. Dunkin’ Donuts is right outside our hotel, and we are on a Dunkin kick. French Vanilla Coffee with a splash of skim milk and Splenda.


Another plus side to our hotel’s location.. It’s directly beside the Reading Terminal Market! Woohoo to fresh produce, a four seasons juice bar, and two happy chickas. We stocked up on produce for the week with the great low prices. $1.00 for grapes.. $1.99 for an entire watermelon.. And .99 cents for a honeydew?!?!

The best part about our day so far.. We found fresh figs! I have been searching high and low for these for months. I am on cloud 9..

We were excited for the next stop on our trip… Trader Joe’s! That’s where we wanted to get something for breakfast.

After a bit of a detour due to the confusing streets of Philadelphia, we made it to the store! Our buys were basically all Trader Joe’s brands. They included dried cranberries, spinach, oven roasted turkey breast, chipotle pepper hummus, tomato basil hummus, peanut sauce, a tomato & red onion, a banana for breakfast, vanilla bean greek yogurt, multigrain rustic bread, whole wheat pitas, turkey burgers, basil tomato sauce, a baguette for dinner, and sparkling mandarin orange mineral water for lunch!

We put together our breakfast in the car before we headed home.


1 banana + 2 vanilla bean greek yogurts + 1 kashi trail mix granola bar = yogurt parfaits


For a late lunch when we got home we put together a power bowl salad similar to the ones Panera just launched on their hidden menu.


Ours had spinach, chipotle pepper hummus, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, carrots, and sliced turkey breast. We wanted to put red onion on too but we were way too hungry to remember until after we ate it all. Oh well, it was delish!

We just got a new blender (there will be a separate post about this in itself) and had to test it out. We made a smoothie for a snack with 1 banana, 1 apple, 2 cups of unsweetened original almond milk, and ice! It was a little liquidity, but still good! Next time we would probably only do 1.5 cups of milk!


Notice the stainless steel straws?! I got them for Kay for our birthday. We love using straws.

Here’s another shot of us playing with our new baby..


For dinner we made our mom and step dad dinner! Zucchini and spaghetti squash pasta with chicken sausage, Trader Joe’s basil tomato sauce, broccoli, and parmesan cheese on top!


We wanted to show them how cool our new vegetable peeler was! You can make vegetables into pasta like strands! All we did for the zucchini was blanch it for 45 seconds in boiling water. It’s a great way to add vegetables to your meals.

Paired with dinner was a small glass of wine and some of Trader Joe’s multigrain bread.

Our late night snack was oatmeal with a handful of almonds and a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter! Well we’re headed to bed. Hope you enjoyed seeing what a typical day for us is food wise šŸ™‚


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