What We Ate Thursday: Week 2

18 Jan

We hope you enjoy seeing what a typical day of eating is like for us. If you have any other suggestions on what you would like to see us post about let us know! Spring semester classes started this week so we are back on our school schedule. We both got lucky on Tuesdays and Thursdays and only have one class at 8 am. It is pretty early, but we’re done for the day by 9:20! Definitely a huge plus. Monday’s and Wednesday’s are a different story though. We both have a night class on Monday from 6:30 – 9:30. Let’s hope these professors are nice and don’t actually keep us that long each week!

Breakfast was oatmeal cooked with banana, flax seed, and egg whites topped with a Kashi trail mix granola bar and 1 tablespoon of The Bee’s Knees peanut butter. Of course we had our morning coffee. Today’s drink of choice was Folger’s coffee with a tablespoon of sugar free peppermint mocha coffee creamer and 2 Truvia packets. (We’re trying to cut out artificial sweeteners slowly!)

Dark chocolate for Dev on her oatmeal. Kay’s not a big fan, so she chose a trail mix flavored granola bar instead.


Lunch was a homemade vegetable lentil burger (recipe coming next week) on top of baby spinach, 1/2 orange, carrots, cucumber, colby jack cheese, and a piece of toasted Trader Joe’s whole wheat bread with a side of watermelon.


These are in our new salad bowls we got for Christmas! They are actually serving bowls, but we use them for our large salads. You know that they say; go big or go home. But this salad is another one of our new favorite combinations. Paired with Panera’s fat free poppyseed dressing makes it even better.

Our drink of choice was diet citrus sweet leaf green tea. We like it, but not the extra tea leaves found in the drink. Kinda annoying when you’re drinking leaves with your tea. Oh well!

Today we actually both had a job interview! Smoothies always make our days so much better so for an afternoon snack we opted to make a kale detox smoothie with frozen strawberries, cucumber, a banana, almond milk, and fresh kale. YUM!


Tonight for dinner we went to Wegman’s with our friends! If you’ve never eaten at Wegmans you definitely need to check it out. The options are endless! We opted for the spicy red lentil soup to go. One word: SPICY! Although we enjoyed it, we started to notice that prepared meals with milk make our stomachs hurt. We have to remember this for the future. We drink so many other things other than dairy products so I think we’ve developed a lower tolerance to it than we used to have. We forgot to take a photo, oh well! You can visualize the lovely soup if you’d like instead. (Think lentils, cayenne powder, and veggies)

At Wegman’s we found a new Lara bar we have been wanting to try! Peanut butter cookie. The only ingredients are cashews, peanuts, and sea salt! How cool is that? We also found spring roll wrappers! Woohoo. We can’t wait to make something with them!

After Wegman’s we had a social with a sorority we’re interested in joining this semester! We got back late and were starving! We made a quick snack of greek yogurt, almond love granola, banana slices, pomegranate seeds, and a little almond butter. It went perfectly with our chai tea.


After this, we’re ready for bed!


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