What We Ate Thursday: Week 4

1 Feb

Breakfast this morning was our usual banana oatmeal topped with extra banana slices, homemade cranberry sauce (recipe posted yesterday), and a honey nut blend we got in our nature box from last month!


Lunch was leftover chili we had in the freezer! We added half a yellow pepper, extra tomatoes, and a bunch of kale to give it a new spin! Perfect combo for this crazy windy day we were having yesterday!

Paired with our soup we also had an apple with peanut butter!

Afternoon snack was a small yogurt parfait. This was cherry yogurt topped with cinnamon spiced almonds (again from our naturebox), creative harvest granola, and chai seeds! For some reason the bowl looks much larger in this picture than it actually was.


Dinner was easily put together by de-thawing tofu from the freezer and baking it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. We drizzled honey and salt/pepper over the tofu before baking. Paired with the tofu was Kashi 7 grain pilaf (excellent new find) and a vegetable medley. Our baked tofu was super crispy! The flavor kinda reminded us of buttered popcorn but in a good way. It was the perfect dinner date for two!

We tried a new yoga class this evening at our school! So fun and relaxing! Definitely needed after a crazy week. Before bed we had Uncle Sam’s dried cereal topped with cottage cheese, chai seeds, and fresh fruit! Yummmmm.


We also enjoyed some Numi tea our mom got for us! Black vanilla and chocolate decaf. Both are so flavorful. Sweetened with a shared truvia.


From now on we decided we would change our food posts to be on Wednesdays so we can link up our blog with other blogs who participate in WIAW. We figured this would be a great way for others to find out about us. Just an FYI incase you wondered why we switched!

Have a wonderful weekend! This Saturday is BID DAY for the sorority we would like to join on campus! Cross your fingers for us!!


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