Product Review: Falafel

12 Feb

The best thing about buying a product is knowing other people’s personal review on the product. That is why we love to share some of our newest food finds with you to let you know what we think of them.

The other day we came across a package of falafel mix at the grocery store. We usually like to make things from scratch but after checking the ingredients list on the back we realized we actually recognized every ingredient! Have you ever looked at an ingredient list before and not recognized over half of them? We have, so that is why we try really hard to watch ingredients because we love knowing exactly what we are putting in our bodies. We’ve come to realize that the less ingredients, the better!


The package directions were for fried or baked falafel. We went with the baked method because we try to avoid fried foods. Have you ever ate fried food and actually felt good after? Nope? Thats what we thought. Anyway the recipe was simple and the directions were easy to follow.


The package made enough falafel to be used for two separate meals for us. On monday we decided to add falafel to a spinach salad topped with fresh vegetables, the Good Bean sea salt roasted chickpeas, and homemade Taziki sauce made with greek yogurt! Since the falafel were previously baked we simply heated the patties in our toaster oven for about 6 minutes and then crumbled them on top of the salad. Such a great salad!

Later this week we’re making a wrap with the rest of the falafel! We’re planning to stuff a whole wheat tortilla with grated carrot, red onion, spinach, falafel, and taziki sauce. I’m sure it will be delicious. Next time you’re grocery shopping keep your eyes out for this falafel mix! It is definitely something great to have on hand for a quick and healthy meal option!


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