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Friday Favorites

29 Mar

Happy Friday everyone! Today is our first official day of Easter break. We are excited for an extended weekend before our semester starts winding down. We have a relaxing, family-filled Easter weekend planned. Got any big plans for Easter? Fill us in! 🙂

Today we decided to share with you all some of our new favorite food finds. We hope you enjoy reading about our favorite new products because we just can’t get enough of them.

Adagio Teas. Their organic black and green teas are rocking.
Udi’s Cranberry Granola. You really cannot go wrong with a description entailing clusters of oats, walnuts, and dried cranberries
Organic Girl Super Greens. These have been the base for the majority of our salads recently. Although we love our spinach it is always nice to switch it up every once in a while for a little variety.
Rasberry-Lime Hint Water. We’ve tried this flavor and blackberry so far. They are the perfect combination of water and fruit without being too overpowering. Kayla is not a fan of fizzy drinks so finding flavored waters without fizz is a major plus!
Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin. Does this even need an explanation? It is perfect on everything and anything.
Kaya Organic Sprouted Sunflower Seeds. These are perfect thrown on top of yogurt or oatmeal for an extra crunch factor!
Dorset Cereal Museli. This brand rocks. The description on the box says: the finest multi-grain flakes raisins and sultanas, sunflower seeds, dates, brazil nuts and whole roasted hazelnuts blended together to make our lovely muesli. Are you hooked yet?
Organic Flax Paks. These are seriously perfect for traveling and breakfast on the go.
Hodgson Mill Bulgur Wheat. We cannot believe we haven’t discovered this before now. We are obsessed. So obsessed it may or may not have been included in at least 4 meals this week.
Vino de Milo Sun-Dried Tomato Dressing. We think this dressing taste exactly the same as the Whole Foods brand. Since the nearest Whole Foods is over an hour away we’ve decided this will justify in its place.
Next time you’re at the grocery store and you come across any of these products we definitely recommend them! We love trying new food products. Isn’t it just so much fun? Have you found any new products lately? Please share 🙂


Quiche, the Perfect Side for Easter Brunch

28 Mar

Quiche is a fun word to say.
Almost as fun as it is to make.
Have you ever sat down to think of all the different things you could add into one quiche?
The ingredient list seems endless.
Meats, cheeses, tofu, vegetables, egg beaters, egg whites, whole eggs, almond milk, soy milk, skim milk, you name it.
Do you go for the crust-less route? Decisions, decisions.
That’s why we would like to share with you our first quiche recipe! We don’t think it will be our last either.
For us, it was perfect broken up on top of salad, eaten for breakfast, and paired with a side salad for dinner! It made a bunch of meals for us. We love quick, easy dinners! Don’t you? If so, give this recipe a go ASAP!

Like the title foreshadows, we are making it for our family for Easter brunch this Sunday. I hope they love it as much as we do. Our menu this Sunday also includes mimosas, fruit, ham, and lots of love! If you don’t have anything on your Sunday brunch menu yet, maybe you could add this to your own.

We found this recipe on Eating Bird Food. Brittany, the blogger behind the site, has so many great recipes, workouts, and tips to living a healthy lifestyle. We have made a few of her recipes before and always look forward to seeing what she’s making next. We were so excited when we saw she posted about a quiche recipe because it was on our “to make” list for the month! Thank god we found it.

Mushroom Feta Crustless Quiche
(Serves 6)

Nonstick cooking spray or olive oil
1 onion, halved and thinly sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped
3 cups of kale, chopped
1/4 tsp Italian seasoning
1/8 tsp nutmeg
sea salt and ground pepper to taste
2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 large eggs
1/2 cup Kirkland egg beaters
1/3 cup feta cheese, crumbled

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Coat a glass pie pan with nonstick cooking spray.
2. Coat a large skillet with nonstick cooking spray or a little olive oil. Turn to medium high heat. Once heated, sauté onion, garlic, mushrooms, kale, spices, salt and pepper.
3. Cook mixture until onions become translucent. Add water to the pan if mixture becomes dry.
4. In a small bowl mix together almond milk, eggs, and egg beaters. Spread cooked mixture on the bottom of the pie pan. Then sprinkle feta overtop of the vegetables. Finally, pour the egg mixture into the pan. Make sure egg mixture covers all vegetables.
5. Bake uncovered until golden brown top and edges. This will take around 25 minutes. Quiche can be served hot or at room temperature. Slice into six and enjoy.

We would like to know, what are your favorite ingredients to add to a quiche?

We Just Don’t Want to Let Go of the Green

27 Mar


Happy Wednesday! We cannot believe this is the last Wednesday in March! This month seriously flew by! We are definitely not complaining though. We are glad April will bring warmer weather, flowers, and sandal season!! You know what Wednesdays bring. Today we are linking up with Peas and Crayons for another #WIAW. Hope you enjoy reading about our eats from yesterday! We are looking forward to finding out what Jenn will choose for next months theme.

Breakfast featured some of our new products that we found during our last grocery trip haul. First up is apricot sugar free preserves… Yum!
And Pure Bliss organic vegan blueberry granola…double yum!

Placed on top of whipped banana oats with blueberries, buckwheat groats, and sun butter makes for one awesome breakfast combination.

Here’s a close up! Drippy, melty sunbutter at its finest.

When lunch time rolled around we were craving a huge salad. In the bowl went spinach, avocado, grapes, hummus, baked chicken breast, colby jack cheese, carrots, and buckwheat groats for some extra crunchiness.

Another new grocery find this week was peanut butter strawberry Luna fiber bars. They remind us of healthy Nutrigrain bars. We had one of these after lunch to satisfy our sweet tooth! They are seriously the bomb. Luna products are our favorite. We have yet to come across a flavor we do not like.

Coffee round 2.

We may or may not still be using our stash of sugar free peppermint mocha coffee creamer. To be honest…we just really do not want to let go of Christmas.

Today’s afternoon was jam-packed so our snack was a smoothie on the go.

One of us had a job interview and the other one had a group project to work on at school. Definitely a crazy afternoon. What do we have here? A pretty bag but a not so pretty water bottle. We definitely need to go to TJ Maxx sometimes during Easter break to pick up new, cute tumblers.

We’ve been wanting to make eggplant pizzas for a while and tonight we finally got the chance. We made 3 separate kinds. The first one was topped with pumpkin purée, arugula, mozzarella, and broccoli. The second one was topped with marinara, tomatoes, spinach, and onions and the third was topped with marinara, arugula, and broccoli. Paired with a side salad it was a great dinner.


Monday afternoon we had a mother daughter date with our mom and “grandma” at Desserts Etc. Although she is not technically our “grandma” she has definitely played a major role in our life. We like to call her Nana Anna. This bakery is a local favorite and recently they have gotten some new, healthier options on the menu. We both tried the vegan cranberry quinioa breakfast cookie. It was awesome!


It was huge! So we decided to save a 1/4 of the cookie for a snack the next day. It was perfect crumbled over a peach Fage greek yogurt. We loved them so much that we are going to try and make our own version next week! If we are successful, expect a recipe in the near future.

Of course a day is not complete without at least one mug of tea. Organic chia for the win.


Split Pea Soup x2

26 Mar

We aren’t really what you would call leftover girls. We are more of a once and done with it. Thats why this recipe is perfect for us. We were able to morph one recipe into two different meals. Perfect for us.

Split Pea Soup (adapted from KERF)
4 Servings


2.5 cups dried split peas
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 carrot, chopped
4 cups of chicken broth
1/4 of a yellow onion, diced
1/2 teaspoon olive oil
spices of choice to taste


1. Chop veggies. Heat olive oil over medium heat and sauté garlic, carrot, and onion.
2. Once soft, add split peas and broth and bring to a boil.
3. Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer for an hour.
4. Once cooked, puree in blender until reached desired consistency.
5. Serve topped with salt and fresh cracked pepper.

The first time we had this soup we simply served it by itself and had a grilled gouda cheese sandwich thin on the side. Depending on whether you serve this soup or reheat it later you may want to add water because the soup tends to thicken up. For our leftovers we heated up the soup and instead of adding water to make it creamer we added bulgar wheat and brussels sprouts. The perfect power bowl meal.


We’re making this again ASAP. Who’s with us?

What’s your favorite kind of soup to make from scratch?

Wish Upon A Cure

25 Mar

Weekends like this make us proud to be students at Lebanon Valley College. Through our combined efforts, we raised over $43,000 to go to the American Cancer Society during Relay For Life! This event was held on campus from 4pm to 4am. Throughout the night there were of TONS different activities students could get involved with. This years theme was Disney Princesses with a matching slogan, “Wish upon a cure”. For us, not a day goes by that we don’t wish a cure to cancer will be found. I’m sure we are not alone in this feeling. Until the day comes, we will continue to relay and walk for those who no longer can.

Some of the sisters and us at Relay! Our shirts we made for the event turned out so good! Don’t you think?
Along with Relay for Life, this weekend hosted our mom’s birthday!! We didn’t spend the entire night at Relay so we were well rested for her birthday festivities. We love birthdays and we love celebrating other’s special day with them.
The best part about our Mom’s birthday weekend?!?! It happened to fall on Restaurant Week in Hershey! If you have never experienced restaurant week before in Hershey, PA you are missing out. All of the local restaurants have special deals where you can get a combined entree and dessert for a pre-determined price. Our favorite restaurant is Devon Seafood Grill, so of course it was unanimously voted upon. Reservations were a must and scheduled at least a month in advance. It was a hoppin’ place to be on Saturday night.
We had a five minute wait. Nothing too extreme.
They have SO many choices on their pre-determined Restaurant Week menu (click on the link if you are interested in what else they had to offer). We really wanted to try something new that we haven’t had before. For starters we got the baby greens salad with feta, toasted pine nuts, dried cherries, and a honey balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side.
For our entree we both decided on the San Francisco Style Cioppino. The description: shrimp, scallops, muscles, clams, fresh fish, red-wine tomato sauce. Drizzled with fresh lemon at the table. It was out of this world good. It had a spicy kick to it. We both agreed we would order it again. We both always end up picking the same entree because we would get mad if one ours ended up being way better than the others. Such a twin thing!
After shot.
Dessert was a shared piece of their carrot cake. We boxed up one of our servings for our parents to enjoy for breakfast the following morning. Delicious!
Such a wonderful evening spent with those we love.
Sunday was Mommy Pinning for Phi Sigma Sigma. Our mom can now officially wear our Greek letters! Here are all the moms and sisters in our sorority who got pinned! Such a special day to share with our mom. She was extra special because she got two roses instead of just one. We love you!

mommy pinning
We would like to share the rest of our weekend through the eyes of our plates. We just went grocery shopping and restocked on some of our favorites and some new things we can’t wait to try including plain greek yogurt, a sun-dried tomato dressing, bulgar wheat with soy, avocados, luna bars, oat milk, cocoa-sprouted sunflower seeds, wheat berries, and dorset brand muesli. I’m sure some of these new finds will be featured in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and stay fabulous on this marvelous Monday morning. (Ignore the snow if it has happened to make it your way, it makes Mondays that much more bearable).

A warm and sweet breakfast

Pineapple mango Greek yogurt spinach salad topped with chicken, grape tomatoes, avocado, and lentil chips

Thanks again to Katie for giving us the opportunity to link up on her #MIMM post! Be sure to check out what everyone else who linked up is sharing on this marvelous Monday morning! (Katie’s blog can be found by clicking HERE)


Peanut Butter Banana Buckwheat Overnight Oats

22 Mar

As a result of yesterday’s post on our Dad’s birthday and the upcoming anniversary of his death we feel so much love from our blog community. We wanted to thank everyone who commented or liked our post. Sharing our dad’s story is always hard, but something we also love to do. We want others to know just how much of a wonderful father, husband, and friend he was. Thanks for letting us share his love for life with ya’ll.

Now we must move on to a much brighter, happier topic.
What may that be?
Only our favorite meal of the day.

We want to know, do you ever have a hard time deciding what to have for breakfast? I mean there are so many options. You have your choice of oatmeal, or maybe a yogurt parfait, a smoothie, a large bowl of cereal, some whole-wheat waffles, a large stack of banana pancakes, and the list continues.

You see we have this slight problem. We can never really decide which to have. We go through these stages where we are completely obsessed with one of the above and have it every single morning until we are done with it and ready to move onto something else. Right now, it is an equal mix between oatmeal and a Greek yogurt parfait.

So we thought to ourselves, why not combine the two into a yogurt oatmeal breakfast parfait?


Although we cannot take credit for this fabulous creation we are about to disclose to you. We give all the credit to Kylie over at! Her posts have recently become one of our favorite to check out for our own meal inspiration. We searched something that involved both oatmeal and Greek yogurt and this is what we found. Here’s our own personal take on her original idea.

Peanut Butter Banana Buckwheat Overnight Oats
(Serves 1)

3 Tbsp. oats
2 Tbsp. buckwheat groats
1 small container of Oiko’s blueberry Greek yogurt
2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
½ Tbsp. chai seeds
½ banana, sliced thinly
1 Tbsp. Blueberry Flax Nature Box Granola, for topping
1 Tbsp. PB2, for topping


  1. Combine together the oats, buckwheat groats, greek yogurt, milk, chai seeds, and banana together in a bowl. Cover and place in the refrigerator overnight
  2. In the morning take it out of the refrigerator and top it with blueberry flax granola and PB2. Enjoy cold.

We would like to know what is your favorite thing to make for breakfast?

Happy 51st Birthday Daddy!

21 Mar

March and April are two of the hardest months out of the year for us. March 19th is our dads birthday and April 9th is the anniversary of his death. This year will mark four years since he passed away from, glioblastoma multiforme, a rare type of brain cancer. Although we wish we could have had a 100 plus more years with him, we always cherish the short 16 years we were able to spend together. We like to remember him for his love for Sheetz XL Diet Pepsis, the way he brought everyone together in a room, his love for his Cabin, his love for our mother, and his love for hunting. He was always thinking about others and staying positive even when the cancer got the best of him. We are thankful he is no longer in pain, but miss seeing his beautiful smile each and every day.

So today we are linking up with Ady from the blog When in Doubt Just Add Glitter, and participating in her weekly theme of Throwback Thursday. We wanted to share with you all some of our favorite pictures with our dad. On Tuesday he would have been 51!


Our beautiful father
It’s tradition to celebrate his birthday with XL Sheetz drinks
The tattoo we got last St. Patrick’s day in memory of our dad. It says “Nothing is worth more than this day”. It reminds us of when we were little and he always made sure we gave him a kiss goodbye before he left for work. He would never leave in the morning if we were angry or upset with him because he always reminded us that we never know what today brings and we can’t leave being upset with one another.
Close Up

We particpated in Relay For Life last year in memory of our dad. Our school’s Relay for Life this year is this Friday! IMG_1307
Our Dad at his high school prom
Why we Relay ❤
We’re convinced our dad has been reincarnated into a bunny rabbit. They follow us everywhere and even let us get super close to them. The picture below is how close we were to this bunny rabbit! It is EXTREMELY close.
A lot of our family members have ceramic bunny rabbits in memory of our dad. We dressed him up for our cousin’s wedding. He sat at our table and wore a snazzy bow tie all night.
His favorite sweatshirt from when he was younger and before he met our mom. We keep it with us always.

But now we know he’s up above, watching over us and free of all the pain.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday to you!