February Favorites

5 Mar

Trying new things is fun. We have to admit, when walking around the grocery store we are always pointing out new products, flavors, and brands we wanna try. We would buy every new product we were interested in trying but our pantry is already stocked enough. You should see it. If there was ever a flood, hurricane, or problem where we were trapped inside our house for a few weeks we wouldn’t go hungry. We may however go crazy without our fresh produce. Nevertheless, we would survive.

Regardless of the natural disaster, we love to hear others share their favorite products. This way we know what is worth trying or what was absolutely without a doubt disgusting and not worth our time or money. So through the month of February we have found a few new products worth sharing with y’all. Some are classic favorites while others are recent finds.

No particular order regarding the list just incase you were curious.

1. Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt


We recently have become addicted to the taste of the unsweetened, origional flavored greek yogurt. Oiko’s was on sale, and a few containers worth later we were in love. It has the perfect biter taste of plain greek yogurt without being too extreme. We find ourselves using it in greek yogurt parfaits, mixed into oatmeal, on top of salads, etc.

2. Trader Joe’s Multigrain Bread

We buy this whenever we get into a Trader Joe’s. This fresh bread is delicious and goes great on top of salads, with PB & Sunbutter, for sandwiches, etc. Hands down our favorite fresh baked bread we have tried to date.

3. Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk

We have tried a lot of different almond milks. The list goes on forever with brands including Pacific Foods, Silk, Trader Joe’s but we really like the flavor of the unsweetened Almond Breeze. With 40 calories a cup it’s perfect for smoothies, oatmeal, recipes that call for skim milk, and with cereal.

4. Castello Blue Cheese

Before this month we never had blue cheese before. We wanted to expand our wings and try a new type of cheese and this looked interesting at the store. It is perfect for on top of salads. That is really what we have been using it for. It has a strong flavor so we find ourselves only putting a small amount on our salads but it has a great flavor and we would definitely purchase it again.

5. Nestle Sugar-free Peppermint Coffee Creamer

We stock up on this flavor after the holiday’s because the expiration date goes until after March. Between this and Sugar-free Pumpkin Spice creamer we don’t need any other flavors. We would like to know why they are both seasonal flavors and not offered all year long. We should write Nestle a letter..

6. Kemp’s Frozen Yogurt- Vanilla Bean
We are obsessed with frozen yogurt even in the middle of February. This brand is our go-to favorite. We like to top the vanilla bean with fresh fruit and sliced almonds.

7. Kirkland Frozen Vegetable Mix
Recent Cosco find and probably the best value/taste of frozen vegetables we have ever found. Next time you are at your Cosco check if they have this vegetable blend in the freezer section. For around $6/bag you can’t beat it. The blend includes cauliflower, broccoli, orange baby carrots, and yellow carrots. We pair it with a lot of our meals and it is perfect for those winter months where fresh produce is rather expensive and hard to locate.

8. Trader Joe’s Sunbutter

The perfect consistency of a nut butter. Drippy, smooth, and flavorful. Words cannot describe how much we love this product. Buy a jar today so you can be on the inside scoop of what we are referring to. Trust us, you will love it if you are a nut butter fan like ourselves. On toast, mixed into oatmeal, you get the idea. It’s #1 in our hearts.

9. Hulled Raw Buckwheat
Found within the isle of the Whole Foods bulk bins, this is a great addition to our pantry. Packed with protein and a crunchy flavor it is perfect crunch for on top of oatmeal, salads, or a soup. No cooking is even required. We recently found out that it isn’t a grain but rather a fruit seed with a nutty flavor. Try it out and let us know what you think!

10. Steaz 100% Natural Green Tea

We like the idea that it is naturally sweetened and free of artificial add-ins. We have only tried the peach flavor but would love to try some of the other varieties. It can be found in many grocery stores but we have seen it for sure at Wegmans and Whole Foods.

So we would like to know now that we have shared our favorite new products, are you a creature of habit and always buying the same things at the grocery store or do you like to try new things? Also, what are your favorite products to buy at the grocery store?


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