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Chia Seed Pudding

30 Apr

Growing up a little kids, we had tapioca A LOT. Our mom was (and still is) a huge fan, so it was kinda a staple in our refrigerator. However, as we grew older, we did not find ourselves eating it as much as we use to.

You know how love a certain food and eat it 47151838461 times in a row and then all of a sudden you stop buying it because you’re sick of it. I think that’s what happened.

Recently, we have been eager to try chia seed pudding. It’s been everywhere on the blog world. After talking about making it for ages, last Friday we finally got the chance, and lets just say we are back on our “tapioca” kick.

Chia seed pudding is a great healthy alternative to the tapioca we loved as kids. If you were a tapioca fan, you should definitely give this a try!

Chia Seed Pudding (Serves 1)

1 cup of milk of choice (preferably one packed with protein)
3 tablespoons of chia seeds
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla
1 tablespoon of pure maple syrup

1. Combine milk, chia seeds, vanilla, and maple syrup in parfait glass and stir thoroughly.
2. Cover and place in fridge overnight
3. In the morning top with fresh fruit and nuts.

We used ultra Pacific soy milk because an 8 oz. serving has 10 grams of protein! In the morning we topped these with chopped almonds, hemp seeds, granola, banana slices, and blueberries.



Besides tapioca pudding, growing up our diet consisted of mainly cool pops, rice krispy treats, and bread with butter. So nutritious right? We’ve definitely come a long way. What was your favorite food growing up?


What A Marvelous Flower Planting Weekend

29 Apr

This weekend was quite a marvelous one if we must say so ourselves. Our aunt and cousin came down for the weekend to help us plant our garden. We had so much fun and cannot wait until we get to open our back door and grab some fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and herbs for our meals! Here is a recap of our weekend via pictures.

We started off the weekend with homemade chia seed pudding for breakfast on Friday morning. This was enjoyed with blueberries, bananas, almonds, and hemp seeds on top (recipe coming later this week).


Saturday morning’s breakfast wasn’t far off from one of our usual combinations. Nevertheless, it was the perfect bowl of warm oats we needed to fuel our busy day. Whipped with bananas, flax, and cottage cheese and topped with hemp seeds, blueberries, more bananas, maple peanut butter, and toasted coconut.


Lunch was just what we needed after a few hours of shopping. Our outlet has a J Crew Factory and everything was 50% OFF this weekend only! We admit, we may have went more than once!

Here’s what our salad was made up of: mixed greens,red and yellow peppers, cucumbers, carrots, caramelized onion hummus, and mozzarella cheese.

With lots of extra veggies for snacking. We think fresh produce is so beautiful, don’t you agree?

The afternoon was spent planting our garden! We stopped at Lowes to get all the supplies we needed.

We planted TONS of herbs in addition to both tomatoes and grape tomatoes, kale, red leaf lettuce, radishes, spring mix, sunflowers, and edible flowers. We are so thankful our Aunt Dawn and our cousin, Kate came to help us with our garden! Family time is such an important part of life and we are so glad we got to spend the weekend with them.


After all that gardening we refueled with a greek yogurt parfait. Fage original topped with blueberries, grapes, oranges, almonds, and granola.


Saturday afternoon contained more shopping. Notice the matching Fossil bags? We are a tad bit obsessed….


Saturday was absolutely beautiful and ended up being fabulous weather for grilling.20130427-194704.jpg

Which is perfect because homemade lentil burgers and vegetable packets were on the menu


We finished Saturday evening with a slice of leftover birthday cake. It was just as good as last week!


Sunday’s lunch was simple and eaten on-the-go. Mixed greens, kidney beans, vegetables, mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinaigrette!


A weekend wouldn’t be complete without an Apple Pie Lara Bar right?


Finally we ended the weekend with a quick Cosco stop! The only real necessities in life were purchased: bananas, coffee, and mixed greens 🙂


We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy the fabulous weather! Today begins the last week of classes. Only three more days before finals!! Don’t forget to read up on Katie’s marvelous weekend along with everyone else! How can your weekend not be marvelous with sunshine and 70 degree weather?MIMM

What is your favorite way to end the weekend? We always like to end our weekends with a short ab and arm workout, tea, and HBO.

Breakfast Smoothie

26 Apr

Fridays are fun.
Finding J. Crew replica statement necklaces here at 75% off is fun.
Not having to work all weekend is fun.
Planting our summer garden is fun.
Going to TJ Maxx instead of studying for finals is fun.
Splurging on really good coffee is fun.
End of the year department parties with free food are fun.
And breakfast smoothies are fun.
Thick, flavorful, crunchy, drippy fun.

We are always up for starting the day off with a smoothie. Because why not start the fun for the day as soon as possible, right?

Especially fun that combines mango, bananas, and blueberries.

Blueberry Mango Breakfast Smoothie (serves 2)

2 cups of milk (we opted for Pacific Ultra Soy milk because of the 10 grams of protein per serving, but any kind would do)
1 frozen banana
1 mango, sliced and frozen
1 cup of blueberries
2 tablespoons of TVP

1. The night before make sure to freeze one banana and one fresh mango, both diced into pieces.
2. In the morning combine milk, frozen fruit, and TVP in blender and blend until smooth.
3. Top with cereal, nuts, trail mix, hemp seeds, and whatever else your heart desires!
4. Enjoy.

Nom Nom Nom.

Hemp Seeds

25 Apr

We’ve been hearing a lot about Hemp Seeds lately.

We’ve seen them all over pinterest in recipes like this mango banana hemp seed smoothie.

And we were curious, real curious, with rockin’ nutritional stats of 170 calories and 10 grams of protein for 3 tablespoons!

We were a little disappointed to find out that they were a tad bit pricey.

But then we were wondering through the aisles of Cosco the over day and discovered a HUGE 28 oz. bag for only $14, and we were sold.

Lately we’ve been using them in so many recipes to add extra protein. They are perfect the perfect topping for….

Yogurt Parfaits.



And Smoothies.

And we are in LOVE. We’ve also been sprinkling these on our daily salads to add extra protein. Next time you’re at Cosco keep your eyes peeled for these babies. You definitely won’t be disappointed in this purchase!

We’d love to know, what’s your favorite item to purchase in bulk at Cosco or Sam’s Club?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel & WIAW Week 17!

24 Apr

Happy Hump Day! Thanks to our over achieving genes we inherited from our mother we are basically done with this semester! Five more days of classes, a couple of presentations, and only a few finals (only one final for Kay) stand between us and summer vacation! While everyone else is stressing over last minute papers they procrastinated on….we are relatively stress free since we managed to work ahead earlier in the semester!

You know that feeling? It is a freakin’ awesome feeling!

Cheers to being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And cheers to another WIAW.

If we start the day on a good note, the rest of the day typically follows. Yesterday was no different. Banana chia baked oatmeal from Kylie and her wonderful food blog imma eat that. This was our second time making it for breakfast because it is THAT fabulous. Since our mornings are pretty crazy we mix the dry ingredients the night before to make it easier in the morning. In the morning we add the wet ingredients and pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. By the time we’re walking downstairs ready to go breakfast is ready!

Topped with a dollop of greek yogurt, (it’s under there we promise!) banana slices, and strawberries.


Lunch today was inspired by the avocados we need to use up ASAP. Last week we purchased a big bag at Cosco because they were so much cheaper than at the grocery store! We made a panini on whole grain bread with mashed chickpeas and avocado, paprika, tomato slices and spinach. Served with a side of baby carrots and grapes!


Just a close up of this bangin’ sandwich


This afternoon a package arrived on our front porch! Devon won a giveaway from another blog. We are so excited to try these out! They are an all natural sweetener in vanilla creme flavored! We think they are going to add such an awesome flavor to coffee and smoothies! Has anyone used these before? If so, please share!


We love smoothies and we like to think that a day isn’t really complete without one. Yesterday’s combo was a cup of almond milk, 1/4 cup of frozen peaches, a handful of spinach, and 1 frozen banana. Eaten out of a bowl with some cereal, almonds, and fresh fruit on top. Afternoons are so much more fun with smoothies don’t ya think?

Dinner was on the go tonight since we both worked this evening. Enjoyed in the car before work was a salad with mixed greens, beets, feta, lentils, chickpeas, and cucumbers. Topped with a pomegranate vinaigrette dressing!



Finally after work a late night snack was much needed. Stonyfield strawberry greek yogurt topped with chia seeds, hemp seeds, and buckwheat groats. This was much enjoyed well reading the latest Cosmopolitan.



We hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Remember to check out Peas & Crayons to see what everyone else is eating on this fine Wednesday.

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Cookie Dough Breakfast Bowl

23 Apr

“Throw your hands in the air. If you love breakfast foods and ya can’t help but scream yeah”

Okay I know. Kinda a little cheesy, but seriously. We love breakfast foods.

There’s just something about waking up in the morning, starving, and then being able to satisfy your hunger with something sweet, thick, delicious, and peanut-buttery. I mean people that don’t have peanut butter (or any other nut butter) in their diets are seriously MISSIN’ out. Sun-butter is the ultimate key to this breakfast combinaion. It is the glue that holds together the cookie dough. It’s the glue that makes the rest of the day bearable. The more you use, the more “doughy” your bowl is going to be.

Although we would love to claim this genius breakfast idea as our own, we must give credit to the cookie dough master herself. Gina, the Fitnessista, has this basic recipe and tons of other great ideas over on her blog. Below is our own take on her classic recipe. One of her main ingredients is protein powder but we choose to add TVP instead to get in some additional protein. We don’t really use protein powders, but instead like to find additional protein in other types of food. The combinations and toppings are endless. Get creative. Search for what you have hiding in the back of your pantry. Cranberries, almonds, chai seeds, hemp seeds, raisins, peanut butter, almond butter, protein powder, TVP, ground flax, rolled oats, quick oats, buckwheat, you get the idea.

Try this out and let us know what fun combination you put together!

Cookie Dough
Serves 1

1/2 cup quick oats
1 tsp chai seeds
1 tsp ground flax
1 tbsp TVP
1 tbsp sunbutter
cinnamon to taste
a dash of salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp unsweetened coconut, toasted
1/2 banana, divided into two parts
1/2 cup milk of choice

1. Toast coconut in the microwave for 45 second intervals until toasted. Watch carefully, it burns easily!
2. Add quick oats, chai seeds, flax, TVP, sunbutter, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, coconut, and one part of the banana into a bowl.
3. Mash everything together until it forms a “cookie dough” consistency.
4. Slice remaining part of banana overtop of cereal.
5. Pour milk overtop and enjoy with a large cup of coffee!

Mhmhm, we love it.
Have you ever tried a breakfast like this before? What’s your opinion on eating raw oats?

Weekend Recap

22 Apr

A marvelous weekend that is perfectly captured through photography. Short but sweet through the eyes of a camera.
Pre work green smoothies in a bowl

Rice cakes topped with peanut butter, strawberries, coconut, and raisins

Hemp hearts galore on strawberry coconut whipped banana oats

A fresh salad for work. Baby spinach, salmon, asparagus spears, strawberries, blueberries, feta, multigrain bread, and a pomegranate vinaigrette.

Out to eat for a friend’s 21st birthday! We both ordered a “Where’s Waldo” salad. Mixed greens with grilled chicken, apple slices, blue cheese, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, craisins, and an apple vinaigrette dressing.

We surprised her with a homemade ice cream birthday cake! Isn’t it beautiful!?

Pumpkin oatmeal topped with Barney butter, toasted coconut, pecan halves, and buckwheat groats.

Pho dinner date with our mom and step dad to catch up before another busy week. Tofu spring rolls to start.

Shrimp Pho like always. This time we opted for the small bowl instead of the large. It’s still HUGE for a small don’t ya think?!

And tomorrow’s breakfast ingredients all ready to go for the morning.

We finally spent the remaining amount of the weekend relaxing, outfit planning, and drinking hot tea.
Thanks for Hosting us Mrs. Healthy Diva! Be sure to read up on her marvelous weekend and everyone else’s on the link up. Easily found here!

What kind of weekend did you have? Was it fun-filled and nonstop or relaxing and calm?