Marvelous End of March

1 Apr


Happy Monday! We cannot believe it is already April 1st. This month has been beyond magnificent and our last weekend was definitely one to remember. We hope you all had a great holiday weekend and a fabulous Easter on Sunday if you celebrate. If not, we still hope you ate some good food anyway! 😉

Here are some pictures of our magnificent weekend. Don’t forget to head over to The Healthy Diva page to get filled in on Katie’s marvelous weekend all the other marvelous weekends the blog community had. We always look forward to reading about all of her updates. Especially the posts about her and her baby on the way. Expecting mothers are so much fun. We wish we knew someone closer to us that was having a baby. We would totally spoil it 🙂

We forgot to mention we have a new creature living with us. This cutie is Luna Wilde. She was handed down to us by our parents and we are still trying to teach her that counters and sinks are not for kittens. She was a tad bit spoiled by our mom and step-dad but we’ve been enjoying her company! Here she is licking the leftover lentils from the container. Who knew cats liked lentils?

This has been an exciting week for us! Devon is now officially a manger at the Calvin Klein in the Hershey Tanger Outlet shopping center and Kayla also got a new job as a sales associate at J.Crew. A celebration was in order and we couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate than a glass of vino. Our new favorite is Barefoot’s sweet red. If you haven’t tried it and are a fan of sweet wines…. go try it. Then let us know what you think! 🙂


Breakfasts are so much more fun on the weekends when we are not rushing around to get to school and have a lot more time to cook. This breakfast was a frozen banana sliced and topped with greek yogurt, a crumbled cinnamon muffin, blueberries, and Acai Blues granola. There is something about frozen bananas that is so good. Words cannot really explain it. You’ll understand once you try it.


Another breakfast combination. Oatmeal stuffed apples topped with granola, banana slices, and greek yogurt.

Smoothies in a bowl. Spinach, clementine, 1/2 cup of water, and kiwi blended together and topped with granola and grapes.
Another afternoon snack was this fancy cheese plate. We recently tired Crate Barrel’s jalapeno cheese wedges. They are to die for! Paired with whole grain crackers and frozen grapes.

Late night snack. Quick oats, sun butter, strawberry slices, jam and buckwheat.

Saturday shopping. We spent our Saturday afternoon shopping and running errands with our momma. A stop at Cosco was on the list and we stocked up on a few of our favorites: chia seeds, bananas, whole wheat pitas, salmon, boca burgers, and salsa.
Saturday night was another birthday celebration for our mom. Since it was such a beautiful day on Saturday we opted to grill salmon and asparagus on the grill. So yummy. It’s officially grillin’ season.
We recently started a new tradition in our family. Instead of buying birthday cakes we have decided to start making them! We tried out a new recipe for our mom’s cake. Dashing Dish seriously has the greatest recipes. We have tried a few of our recipes and they have always turned out successful and better than we could have ever imagined. This was her signature Ice Cream cake. The combinations are endless. We opted for a graham cracker crust, honey cinnamon and vanilla greek frozen yogurt, fat free kool whip, sugar free caramel syrup and crushed honey teddy grahams. Let’s just say it was the bomb.
Here was our mom’s piece. Topped with a candle.
Easter Sunday. We started out the morning with a small bowl of yogurt, fruit, and granola to hold us over until brunch at our mom’s house. After a coffee overdose on Saturday we decided to stick with some Awake tea until we got to our mom’s.

Us at our moms’s house.


Our mom and Lou on Easter Sunday. Lovin’ your outfit mom!

The brunch smorgasbord: grilled asparagus, spiral ham, quiche, mashed red potatoes, sliced bread, and fresh fruit.

Our plates looked like this. Asparagus, ham, quiche, and fresh fruit! YUM!

Then we spent the rest of our day baking and prepping for the upcoming busy week. We made KERF coconut black bean dip, vegan breakfast cookies, roasted eggplant, and prepped grains for salad toppers.
Then we finished our night with Kylie’s homemade oat crust pizza and more vino. It’s not really a holiday without a little wine right?

Did you have a marvelous weekend? What are you looking forward to in April? Please share 🙂


One Response to “Marvelous End of March”

  1. HealthyDiva (@HealthyDiva31) April 1, 2013 at 6:30 pm #

    Everything looks so yummy! Dessert especially 🙂

    You girls looked so pretty too!

    Happy Monday loves!

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