DIY: Oat Flour

4 Apr

Lately we’ve been on the hunt.

For some oat flour.

We’ve looked everyone and were having no such luck.

Then the other day we realized….

You can make it yourself.

In two easy steps

Homemade Oat Flour

1. Take 1/4 cup of quick oats and pour into blender.
2. Turn blender on.

We realized that making oat flour is so much easier and cheaper than buying it at the store anyway. All you need to do is measure out the desired amount of oat flour you need for a recipe. Quick oats blends at about a 1:1 ratio. If a recipe calls for 1/4 cup of oat flour, you grind 1/4 cup of quick oats in your blender. Oat flour can be used as a substitution for other types of flours in many different recipes. We’ve seen people use oat flour to make pancakes, breads, and pizza crust.

As you saw in our post on Monday, our first recipe using oat flour was Kylie’s homemade pizza crust. It was delicious. Plus, knowing that you took the time to actually grind the flour yourself made the pizza just taste so much better.
Have you ever used oat flour before? If so, what recipes do you usually use it in?


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