Little Lunches

18 Apr

Happy Thursday 🙂 Today we wanted to share some of our tips for packing healthy lunches!

Being college students who commute to campus we opt to pack our lunch instead of paying the ridiculous fee for a meal plan. Lets be honest, at the price of $8.00 a meal we can make a way better lunch for a fraction of the cost. Plus, packing your lunch is a great way to make sure you have a healthy option when 12 o’clock rolls around and your stomach starts grumbling! We have found that having healthy options planned ahead of time helps us to avoid grabbing just about anything when hunger strikes.

These are some of the recent lunches we have brought to school lately.

Sandwich Combinations

Fig and strawberry jam, feta cheese, and arugula sandwich on whole wheat bread. Paired with vegetables, grapes, greek yogurt, and granola.

Pumpkin, smashed black beans, cumin, cayenne, cucumber slices, and spinach spread on a whole wheat tortilla. Don’t wrinkle your nose until you try it!!


Chicken breast, strawberry fig jam, feta, and arugula on whole wheat bread with a side of grapes.


Whole wheat pita stuffed with turkey breast, pineapple, fresh salsa, guacamole and spinach. Paired with a greek yogurt and apple.


Whole wheat pita filled with strawberry and apricot jam, farmers cheese, turkey breast, and spinach. Paired with egg whites and a clementine.


Salad Combinations
Spinach salad topped with fresh blueberries, cucumber slices, avocado, salmon, and sunflower seeds.


Spinach salad topped with cilantro lime hummus, canary beans, cucumber slices, and carrots. Served with a side of raw crackers, an orange, and some H2O.



Spinach salad topped with cinnamon and cayenne roasted squash, carrots, cucumbers, coconut black bean dip, and strawberries with a piece of whole grain bread on the side.




Homemade butternut squash, kale, and white bean soup topped with buckwheat groats.


These are just a few of our most recent lunches on the go. The amount of different combinations you could come up with to bring for lunch are really endless. Although we only mentioned sandwiches, salads, and soup you could always bring healthy nachos, greek yogurt parfaits, veggie burgers, sweet potatoes, and even frozen vegetables. Whenever we feel like we need some new lunch combination ideas we turn to pinterest for inspiration. If you have never been on Pinterest before you would definitely be surprised at all the creative ideas out there. Next time you pull a can of chickpeas or tuna out of your pantry try pinterest for some inspiration! Usually we find something we never would have thought to put together…and it usually turns out awesome!

Do you pack your lunch for work or school? What is your favorite combination? Salad? Sandwich? Please share 🙂



2 Responses to “Little Lunches”

  1. PoPpy @ Persistence Over Perfection April 18, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

    I pack my lunch for work pretty much every day. I also go through soups, salads and sandwiches…at the moment I’m all about salads and am thinking of starting to add some home-cooked beans in to the mix with my salad veg and protein source (fish, meat, cheese). Happy Thursday 🙂

    • doubletakelove April 18, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

      Beans are one of our favorite salad toppers too 🙂 right now we are loving salads too! I think it must be something about the spring weather that is making us crave them too! Happy Thursday 🙂

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