19 Apr

We survived the week. It’s Friday, it’s 5o’clock somewhere, and we’re loving life. We think sometimes it is the little things that make life just so rockin’.


Like our beautiful kitty cat, Luna Wilde. We named her Luna for my mom’s sake and Wilde because it’s a sophisticated way of saying she what she is; ABSOLUTELY nuts. We mean like off the walls nuts.

She has this thing for water facets and thinks that in her world the only way she is going to drink water is if it comes directly out of the faucet. Like her own personal water fountain. She’s too good for bowls. We can thank our step-dad for this mindset. However, with strict enforcement, she is learning that kitty cats drink from bowls and not facets. It’s a work in training, but she’s slowly improving.
On the counters, her favorite place to lay. I think she can sense it’s “off limits” territory..
We never really lived with a cat before now. We always wanted one when we were growing up as kids but our dad wasn’t a “huge fan” of cats to say the least. But now that we are in our own little routine, Luna is a great addition to our family. She gets to look forward to licking our empty cans of tuna, dropped ice cubes that entertain her for hours, and the freedom of being both an inside and outside cat.

She’s a keeper.
We are just semi-obsessed with kitty photos. It’s like having your own child. We understand a mother’s attachment to her children after a few weeks with Luna.
Luna is the smartest creature we have ever met. She can open cabinets, pantry doors, and find the location of her food no matter how hard we find it. She’s genius.
Okay, promise we’re done with cute kitty photos for now.

But here are some of our other favorite things at the moment. Because it’s fun to share your favorite things with others. Share the love.

J.Crew Ponte Pants. We equally agree this is one of our all-time best purchases.

Who isn’t happy when they’re drinking tea?

Our Mommy. She is the best momma ever.
Color Coordinated Closets. Finding anything is 100 times easier when it’s organized.
Smoothies in a bowl for snacks.
XL Bags of spinach. Thank you Cosco.
Our sorority sisters! Phi Sigma Sigma.


One Response to “Happiness”

  1. Little Miss Fit April 19, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    Luna Wilde reminds me of my cute little Dexter 🙂 He does the same thing…no bowls of water for him, noo way! They are too adorable and too funny haha

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