Cookie Dough Breakfast Bowl

23 Apr

“Throw your hands in the air. If you love breakfast foods and ya can’t help but scream yeah”

Okay I know. Kinda a little cheesy, but seriously. We love breakfast foods.

There’s just something about waking up in the morning, starving, and then being able to satisfy your hunger with something sweet, thick, delicious, and peanut-buttery. I mean people that don’t have peanut butter (or any other nut butter) in their diets are seriously MISSIN’ out. Sun-butter is the ultimate key to this breakfast combinaion. It is the glue that holds together the cookie dough. It’s the glue that makes the rest of the day bearable. The more you use, the more “doughy” your bowl is going to be.

Although we would love to claim this genius breakfast idea as our own, we must give credit to the cookie dough master herself. Gina, the Fitnessista, has this basic recipe and tons of other great ideas over on her blog. Below is our own take on her classic recipe. One of her main ingredients is protein powder but we choose to add TVP instead to get in some additional protein. We don’t really use protein powders, but instead like to find additional protein in other types of food. The combinations and toppings are endless. Get creative. Search for what you have hiding in the back of your pantry. Cranberries, almonds, chai seeds, hemp seeds, raisins, peanut butter, almond butter, protein powder, TVP, ground flax, rolled oats, quick oats, buckwheat, you get the idea.

Try this out and let us know what fun combination you put together!

Cookie Dough
Serves 1

1/2 cup quick oats
1 tsp chai seeds
1 tsp ground flax
1 tbsp TVP
1 tbsp sunbutter
cinnamon to taste
a dash of salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp unsweetened coconut, toasted
1/2 banana, divided into two parts
1/2 cup milk of choice

1. Toast coconut in the microwave for 45 second intervals until toasted. Watch carefully, it burns easily!
2. Add quick oats, chai seeds, flax, TVP, sunbutter, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, coconut, and one part of the banana into a bowl.
3. Mash everything together until it forms a “cookie dough” consistency.
4. Slice remaining part of banana overtop of cereal.
5. Pour milk overtop and enjoy with a large cup of coffee!

Mhmhm, we love it.
Have you ever tried a breakfast like this before? What’s your opinion on eating raw oats?


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