What’s Happening Lately?

27 May

Sometimes we look back on the week and wonder how in the world we use to balance school (16-18 credits), work, cooking, friends, family, and everything else life was offering just a mere few weeks ago.

Not that we are complaining at all, but does anyone else wonder where all the time in a day goes? We do!

We are spending our summer days with our new ritual of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning 5:40 am muscle pump classes. We are already seeing a difference in our muscle growth! We added 1/2 lb to each side this past week and next week we plan on adding up to 5 lbs per side (for some of the time)! It is so energizing to have worked out, showered, made breakfast, drank coffee, and got ready for the day, all before 9 am!

We ventured into the world of tempeh this week after we picked up a few packages during our last trip to Trader Joe’s. What is our verdict on it? Genius. We think we found a new replacement for lunch meat. So glad we bought more than one package of it. Raw or cooked? We like both ways! We always love when we find a new go-to favorite.

Lately, there have been lots of salads. lots of yogurt parfaits. and lots of of peanut butter.


An orange glaze tempeh salad thanks to inspiration from KERF. Sadly, the avocado was not as good as it looked. It was discarded post photo.


A mixed greens salad with roasted sweet potato, chicken, pineapple, corn, yellow peppers, and Annie’s Roasted Red Pepper dressing. Paired with steamed Brussels Sprouts.


Our own take on this orange bean salad. Our’s included fava beans, radishes, yellow peppers, carrots, an orange, and a dressing made up of 1tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp Annie’s Honey Dijon Dressing, and 1 tbsp of honey. Paired with a Colby jack + strawberry fig jam sandwich and itty-bitty apples. If you look closely, you can even see a few cherries hiding in the corner.


An egg-tastic pizza with chipotle pepper hummus, yellow peppers, spinach, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and a crumbled boca burger.


Soy yogurt with Trader Joe’s granola (it has hazelnuts, a new one love for us) raw almonds, and cacao nibs.


Soy yogurt with our own Qui’a mix of hemp seeds, chia seeds, and buckwheat. Fresh fruit is self-explinatory.


A perfect dough boy smoothie. Topped with buckwheat groats and lots of coconut butter.


An impromptu breakfast smoothie that turned out fantastic. Frozen banana + frozen mango + almond milk + strawberry cottage cheese. Our new Trader Joe’s unsalted natural peanut butter makes for the perfect smoothie topper.


Another dough boy smoothie for breakfast. This time it was yogurt-less and surprisingly just as thick! We need to do a special post on these sometime soon. It is the perfect combination of overnight oats and a smoothie in one!

A Greek yogurt parfait with raw buckwheat granola, banana slices, and drippy Trader Joe’s unsalted peanut butter. Another new favorite found in the past few days! We have a photo below!


A close up of our newest drippy peanut butter find. This is what is on top of all of our yogurt/smoothie bowls this week.

Woo-hoo! The beginning of watermelon season is upon us! This one was the perfect pick. Thanks Mom!

What’s coming our way this week? Tuesday’s our day off and we are ready to explore the downtown Lancaster Market. We are planning a breakfast date to our favorite Lancaster cafe, The Price Street Cafe beforehand. We cannot wait to try their apricot nut sugar free baked oatmeal. They also have a large hot drinks menu, great looking salads and sandwiches, and a wonderful atmosphere. If you are local to the area, we highly recommend it. We need more places like this around here.

We hope to find a great multigrain bread for salads this week, some good lookin’ avocados, something new to spark our taste buds, and asparagus!

This week also includes lots of working (31+ hours), a few muscle pump classes, a strawberry picking twin date, Dev’s first summer course exam, a memorial day cookout with out family, and our favorite activity, cooking!

And lastly, Happy Memorial Day! We are thankful for all of the wonderful men and women in this world who have served in the military to protect our country. We are thinking about all those still overseas and involved in the military on this special day.




2 Responses to “What’s Happening Lately?”

  1. Health, Love, and Chocolate May 28, 2013 at 4:07 am #

    All your meals look wonderful as usual! The Trader Joe’s unsalted creamy pb is one of my all time favorites, the same with their almond butter. Nothing fancy but I love them!

    • doubletakelove May 28, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

      We agree! Not many brands of peanut butter can compete with Trader Joe’s, especially for the price! We love that the only ingredients are unsalted roasted peanuts too!

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