Our Day Off + WIAW

29 May

Today’s post is filled with yesterday’s fabulous meals and a little extra of what has been going on lately in the McKain household.

A visit to our local farmers market: check
Getting together a foodie box for our blogger friend, Gina: check
Trying a new recipe: check
Meal prepping: check
Grilling: check
And enjoying life: double check

It’s only officially summer in our eyes once you cut the first watermelon of the season!

Our favorite splurge lately is Grape Chia Kombucha…I say spurge because it cost about $4 a bottle!

On Monday we celebrated Memorial day by firing up the grill


Chicken, fresh corn on the cob, and zucchini…. yummmm


With fresh strawberries and whipped coconut milk for dessert!


After working 4 days straight we enjoyed our day off yesterday starting with a tall mug of freshly brewed loose leaf tea from The Prince Street Cafe.


Then we filled our bellies with Apricot Nut baked oatmeal with coconut milk on top

We spent the rest of the morning exploring The Central Market in downtown Lancaster where we scored this freshly baked loaf of honey whole wheat bread. We are loving the ingredients list: whole wheat flour, honey, water, salt, and yeast. It really doesn’t get more simple than that!
After exploring downtown Lancaster we headed over to Roots. This is another one of our favorite farmer markets to visit during the summer months. We picked up the majority of our produce for the week and for $20 managed to get a whole case of mangos, ($3.99 for 11 mangos is a deal we couldn’t pass up) 2 avocado, strawberries, 1 cantaloupe, a bunch of fresh kale, cilantro, asparagus, 12 lbs. of bananas, (with a deal as good as $1 for 4 lbs…we managed to stock our freezer with 40 bananas for summer smoothies) pears, beets, and 2 eggplant which we roasted to use as salad toppings for upcoming meals this week! We love cubing eggplant and tossing it with olive oil and italian seasoning and roasting it at 400 in the oven for 40-45 minutes!

After returning home from Roots we put together this salad combo. Mixed greens with avocado, the last of our Trader Joe’s cilantro hummus, bread croutons, a dippy egg, beets, and roasted eggplant.

The weather was pretty crappy yesterday so we spent the majority of the afternoon curled up on the couch watching episodes of Downton Abbey and snacked on bananas and almond butter.


It seems that today is the last day of mild 70 degree weather as our iphone weather app is showing the next few days with temps in the high 80’s and low 90’s. We took advantage of the cold and rainy evening and made a batch of split pea soup. Enjoyed with a hunk of the honey whole wheat bread.


Luna seems to agree with us on the rainy day issue.

On another note, a day isn’t complete in our books without a late night snack. We enjoyed another round of our favorite cottage cheese combo. Strawberry cottage cheese + strawberries + almond milk + Uncle Sam’s cereal + raisins = heaven.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Head on over to Peas and Crayons to join in on the fun and see what everyone else has been eating lately. We cannot believe that the next WIAW post will be in JUNE. Where did May go?



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