Smoothies…Not Just an Afternoon Snack

8 Jun

Now that our summer is officially underway we have started to move our daily afternoon smoothies to our favorite meal of the day, breakfast!

A year ago we never would have thought that smoothies were acceptable to be eaten out of bowls (with a spoon) or that a smoothie would be a suitable and filling breakfast for us. Now that we have become foodies, we have realized that smoothies can be just as filling and protein packed as any other breakfast option when made with the proper ingredients. (TVP, high-protein milk, cottage cheese, etc.)

Lately we have been loving Kath’s dough boy smoothies and any of Kylie’s smoothie combinations posted via Instagram. However, we recently created our own smoothie recipe one morning after we got home from the gym, starving, and craving a smoothie bowl breakfast, fast. We threw ingredients into the blender and it just so happened to turn out fabulous so we knew we would have to share.

Here are the ingredients to make TWO smoothies so you can enjoy this one right along with us!

2 single servings of flavored cottage cheese (or plain, any will work)
2 large frozen bananas
1 cup of soy milk (look for one with protein to make sure your smoothie bowl will satisfy you until lunchtime!)
1/2 frozen mango, cubed
1 Tbsp TVP (optional)

Just blend them all together and top with crunchy cereal, almonds, nut butter, and granola!


What are your favorite smoothie toppings?


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