Friday Favorites

14 Jun

Happy Friday Everyone!

We are so happy it is Friday! Of course our plans for the weekend involve working but we still have a few fun activities planned including a Fathers Day breakfast with our family on Saturday morning at a quaint local place in Mt. Gretna. Fathers day is definitely not a fun day for us. It is one of those days where we are jealous of every single person who actually gets to hug their father. Do us a favor and give your dad an extra hug on Sunday and let him know just how much he means to you! We know we would if we could. Love you daddy.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! Here are a few of our Friday Favorites and things we are loving lately!

Favorite person: Our friend, Rebecca Myers! These are some of the photos we took with her last week. Look how amazing these turned out! She is such a talented photographer.






Favorite bite: Kirkland’s plain Greek yogurt! 1 cup has 24 grams of protein and the ingredients list is down to a minimum. That’s what we like to see and we have been enjoying it all week for breakfast!


Favorite pastime: Spending time with friends! With everything that has happened in our lives, we know one thing is for sure. Never have any regrets, and live life to the fullest. Best friend time has been maximized lately! It’s important they know how much they mean to us.


Favorite home: Our garden. It is growing at full speed and soon our radishes will be ready. We already have gotten the first few grape tomatoes and mixed greens.


Favorite heathy dinner in 5: Amy’s Lentil Soup. The ingredients list is minimal and they are very tasty! As much as we love making our own soup sometimes grabbing one of these is all that we have time for. There are no excuses, you can still eat healthy with a busy schedule!


Favorite fur ball: Miss Luna gets cuter and cuter everyday. We never thought we’d become one of those kitten picturing posting momma’s but we are a little obsessed, we apologize. She’s just so cute we can’t resist sharing.


Favorite activity: Our mother, daughter, grandma date at The Hershey Pantry on Wednesday. The grilled caprese-style chicken salad was amazing.


Favorite mmm: Banana Oat Bread. We’ve been looking for a new recipe to make for an upcoming family get together and this just might be it.


Favorite sandwich: Feta-stuffed turkey burgers. Need we say more?


Favorite find: This chart that tells you which vegetables are in season at certain times of the year. Buying vegetables that are in-season is a great way to save money!


Favorite quote: This picture may have just inspired us to create our own 101 in 1001 days list (more on this coming next week).



4 Responses to “Friday Favorites”

  1. jessiebearwhat June 14, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    Ohhhh man. That banana oat bread recipe has got me drooling!!

  2. Kylie June 14, 2013 at 3:59 pm #

    I love that second picture of y’all with the sunglasses! So cute! And then in like the 8th picture down…loving that black dress + jean + yellow necklace combination. I got a similar necklace for my birthday and know I know exactly how I should wear it:)

    And I couldn’t not comment on food…so I have made a Mediterranean-style Turkey Burger before that had feta in it and I loved it! So I highly recommend making that Feta-stuffed Burger! Looks delicious:)

    • doubletakelove June 14, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

      Thanks Kylie! We are thinking that turkey burger with feta should definitely move to the top of our things we should make ASAP list…and with your endorsement i’m sure it will be fabulous! 🙂

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