Building Our Wardrobe 101

17 Jun

When we’re not working, studying, cooking, or hanging out you can most likely find us doing one other thing: shopping.

We are not afraid to admit that we kind of have a slight addiction to shopping. Sorry mom, but we can definitely blame you for our shopping addiction. She loves to shop just as much as we do. I guess we learn from the best 🙂

Although we shop a lot, we don’t always buy. We are constantly looking at the sales racks, the best deals, and what pieces we need to add to our closet to build up our wardrobe.

When we were younger we shopped at all the trendy stores (Forever 21, American Eagle, Charlotte Rouse, etc.) but after a few years of buying tons of clothing that wasn’t made with the greatest love and care we realized that we were not really headed in the right direction for building a solid wardrobe. We wanted a wardrobe that was built on classic pieces that will last through many seasons and not just a lot of trendy pieces we would only wear for a few months.

For us deciding what to “splurge” on and what to buy at a basic store is always a challenge. As we have matured we have started shopping at new stores. Currently our top favorites include J Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, Lucky Brand, LC by Lauren Conrad, and Fossil. Yes these stores have clothing at higher prices than a lot of other trendy stores but, their clothing is made with better fabric and materials that will not be ruined after a few washes or wears. Before, we would spend $20 on a pair of flats that would only last a few months before tearing and falling apart. Instead of having to buy a new pair every few months, we realized we need to invest in a pair of Lucky Brand or J. Crew flats in hopes that they will last a lot longer. Because they are made with better materials and a higher quality, we know that they will.

Along with a passion for shopping, we love flipping through the latest issues of Style Watch and U.S. Weekly to find out what styles are currently popular among the stars. There are so many different fashion trends out there, it is sometimes overwhelming to choose what styles, colors, fabrics, and patterns you like most.

So when it comes to current fashion trends, our favorite style icon without a doubt is Lauren Conrad. Her clothing line at Kohls is not only affordable but made up of a perfect balance of girly and trendy pieces. Her blazers are the perfect third piece to add to any outfit to make it complete. There are many other celebrities that we look to for style tips, but Lauren Conrad is great because she even has a fashion book out, Lauren Conrad Style, that gives tips on what to splurge on, make-up tips, and hair styles.

When we have to dress up a simple outfit, our favorite way to accessorize is with fashion scarves. You can find so many different styles at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for a great deal. Many are priced at only $12.99! When you have on a basic t and jeans, you can easily add a scarf to create a bold pop of color or fashion statement without even trying.

We wanted to share with you a list of ten different basic pieces that we hope will help you build up your own wardrobe! Click on the links to find these at our favorite stores!

1. A jean jacket: it goes with everything from maxi dresses, skirts, colored denim, and all black! J. Crew’s version or AE’s are both great jackets.

2. A black blazer: any blazer is a great piece to add to your wardrobe. But black is the best because it can be worn through all seasons and last forever! Best places to shop for one: H&M, LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohls, or J. Crew Factory.

3. A good pair of brown and black riding boots: they keep your feet warm in the winter, can be worn with just about anything, and will always be in style! We found our boots this year from Marshalls (Michael Kors brand) and Piperlime. The best thing about Piperlime is that they have free shipping and free returns, so you cannot feel bad about purchasing a pair because it is so easy to return them. You do not ever have to worry about annoying shipping and return fees. They also send out tons of 20% coupons and emails highlighting their best shoes and the best prices.

4. A brown pair of sandals: our current favorites are a pair from Target (here’s a photo of them but they are now unavailable) and American Eagle (photo unavailable.) They are trendy and not the greatest investment, but you replace sandals usually every other summer anyways so we believe it is okay to buy what is in style vs. a classic.

5. A good pair of leggings: lets be serious here, no one wants to see through your leggings and have a direct view of your underwear. That’s why it is important to buy a pair that is not see through. After searching around, we bought two pairs that work for us. Aerie’s pair doubles for a great workout pant with a roll over waist band and J.Crew’s is a great basic pair as well.

6. A good pair of jeans: these jeans need to fit you perfectly and be your go-to’s whenever you need to grab a pair to put on. This means when you find a pair that makes you feel great, buy them! The price isn’t important, but remember you will probably wear them at least twice a week so in the long run they will pay for themselves! Our favorite skinnies are from Express, and our favorite relaxed fit can be found at J. Crew.

7. A designer watch: Our favorite brands are Fossil and Michael Kohr. Currently we have a silver one and a tortious colored watch and switch back and forth. One of the perks of having a twin, but these are both basic colors worth investing in! Next up on our list is either one of these beautiful gold watches from Fossil or Michael Kohr.. Christmas maybe?

8. A good eye-shadow palette: This definitely counts as a necessary staple in our wardrobe. Our current obsession is with the Naked Two Palette that can be located here. It has all of the basic colors we wear everyday. We are more of neutral-eyeshadow kinda girls, and tend to stay away from bright colors. This is why this palette is perfect for us.

9. A winter coat: Once winter hits, we are always freezing. This is why we felt it was necessary to invest in a long parka winter coat that would get us through those cold winter mornings. We each have a different style of Calvin Klein’s long parka coats that we purchased at their outlet store here in Hershey, PA! We love them so much that we convinced our mom to get one too! They may be a little difficult to find now but be sure to keep your eyes out in the fall to score a great deal on one of these jackets.

10. A leather handbag: This is a necessity in every girl’s life. We obviously need something to hold everything we cannot leave the house without! The first time we saw our current bag, we both fell in love. Our cousin, Kate, got the bag for her birthday and we loved that it was such a classic bag we knew would last a lifetime! We didn’t want to copy her, so we got the bag in two of the other additional colors it comes in. Here is Kayla’s: link to bag and here is Devon’s: link to bag. We got this bag for Christmas this year, and use it almost every single day!

Hopefully after reading this list you have a better idea of what you need to look for next time you go shopping to build up your own basic wardrobe with classic pieces that will last you a lifetime. If you have any questions about any of the items or links above, please do not hesitate to ask! We would love to talk fashion with you!

Now that we have shared with you our favorite basics and classic pieces in our own closets, we want to know what your favorite items are in your own wardrobe! Where do you like to shop at?


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