The Best of July

1 Aug

Remember that list we posted about on July 1st?

Well, we are slowly but surely crossing a few off the list each week.

Since July 1st we’ve already accomplished /101 items on our list.

2. Get a salad from the Whole Foods salad bar


Although we technically accomplished this before July 1st, we’re going to count it anyway because we already had this list planned. After spending the day shopping in Philadelphia we convinced a few of our friends to grab dinner at the Whole Foods nearby. We have been dying to try the salad bar after hearing so many awesome things about it but have always avoided it due to the $7.99/lb. sign hanging above it. We decided to just go for it though and surprisingly it wasn’t too expensive at all.

For about $8.00 we piled our brown boxes full of mixed greens, sesame tofu, grilled summer vegetables, mango quinoa salad, roasted carrots, and sunflower seeds.

85. Invest in new workout clothes

Going to TJ Maxx is almost like a high for us. We love the fact that you never really know what you’re going to find. Sometimes you can walk out of their with a cart full and other days empty handed. That just makes stopping even more thrilling. The other day we hit the jackpot. While shopping at the mall we were dying to splurge on some new workout clothes. We had a little bit of sticker shock though when we walked into the trendy athletic store to find a sports bra for $40. We loved the workout clothes, but not the price tags. Thanks to TJ Maxx, we found the same brand of workout clothes for a fraction of the cost! We got new sports bras, stripped workout pants, and tanks.

77. Try No Bull Burgers

Thanks to our Aunt from Virginia, we got our hands on two packages of these burgers after a trip to visit them over the 4th of July. After much anticipation, we were happy to find out they were just as good as we thought they would be. Locally made, real ingredients, and meat free. What more can we ask for? Just that they be sold somewhere closer to our area!


3. Visit Australia [Kayla]

Obviously Kayla is “visiting” Australia for the next few months. Wish I could visit her myself, but with school, work, travel expenses, and everything else going on in life it looks like I won’t get the opportunity to jump on a plane and re-connect with my other half. I wish there was enough time and $$ in the world so I could drop everything and go tomorrow!

73. Try 10 different types of beer [both of us combined]

#1: Starr Hill Double Platinum- Double Indian Pale Ale 8.6%

It is hands down my new favorite IPA to date. It has just the right amount of “hoppiness” to it without being too over the top. It is also strong. All I needed was one glass of this and I was feeling quite fabulous. It is from a local brewery in Charlottesville, VA but I am definitely keeping my eyes open to find it on tap or somewhere else around here! Here’s a link to the site if you would like to check it out for yourself.

86. Try Twin Oaks Tofu [Devon]

When we were in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend I searched throughout their local Whole Foods to get my hands on a few packages of Twin Oaks Tofu. It is made locally in Virginia, and we both have been wanting to try it forever. Sadly, I could not send any to her but I tried it the night we got back from our trip! I loved it! Wish I would have boughten a whole case of them!

I roasted it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, turning once throughout cooking. I sprinkled cayenne pepper and paprika on the tofu and served it with roasted veggies and sweet potato fries.



Looks like that’s as far as we got on our list of 101 in 1001 days! We decided we needed to make sure we are keeping up with this list and picking 1-2 things a week that we want to do in the next 2.75 years! We do have a lot of time left, but there is no point in waiting until the end to reach our goal!

What goals do you have for yourself in the next few months? Are these goals long term or short term ones? We would love to know what you are working towards! 



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