It’s the Small Things on a Friday

2 Aug

Today is one of those days that is worth celebrating.

I completed another full week of Body Pump, and I am loving the results this new workout class has had on my body. I feel stronger, more confident, and proud to say that I lift weights. Heavy weights!

I had a photogenic breakfast bowl! It was overnight oats, topped with a peach, strawberries, cinnamon flax granola, and unsweetened coconut. Plus some creamy peanut butter! Can’t forget about that part!


After a long day at work, I also got to participate in some retail therapy with my momma.

New finds include a 70% + another additional 20% off a maxi dress from Banana Republic, a stripped J.Crew sundress, and a fabulous new J.Crew bracelet to add to my collection. My mom scored a cute pair of nude J.Crew flats for $19 [go mom] and a stripped Banana Republic dress that works for both work and a fun day out and about. We also enjoyed some quality time to catch up, stroll the outlets, and to get some fresh air.

She even brought me a little surprise! A “super sized”  salad they were going to throw away at her work. She knew I’d love it!


And the rest of my evening was spent skyping my other half, catching up on blogs/emails/magazines, and enjoying some me-time. It is so nice to spend a night doing absolutely nothing but pure relaxation!

So I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure today is definitely worth celebrating.
What did you do today worth celebrating? 


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