Loving Lately

18 Aug

Life is all about taking moments for what they are worth, making the best of every situation, and giving everything you do 110% percent. That has been my motto this past month. I always remind myself that I need to make the best of each and every day because although they will not all be filled with ups, there are little things that make each and every day worth living.

Here’s some of those little “ups” in any given day that can easily be overlooked and brushed aside.

1. Nature, in all of it’s glory in the morning sunshine.

I rushed around one morning to make sure that I had enough time before work to pick peaches at the local orchard. So thankful that I did. It was the highlight of my day, the peaches were the size of baseballs, and I got 15 lbs of fresh summer peaches for a grand total of $5.20. I stopped counting after I got to 20. Lets just say that you should not leave me alone is a beautiful field of ripe peach trees. I go pick-happy.

2. Being engrossed in a REALLY REALLY good book and having the time to relax, eat breakfast, and read!

Nicole Sparks is one of my top-favorite authors. Along with Jodi Picoult, there is not a book of theirs that I have not read and loved. If you need any book recommendations, let me know. I’m your go-to book nerd.

3. Having a “twin” moment with my other half even though we are so far apart. I got to meet all of her friends and they could not believe how much we looked/acted alike. The rest of the day was made because I got to share such a special Skype date with my sister and her friends. It sounds cheesy, but I am so happy she has found such wonderful girls as she spends her semester halfway around the world.

4. Opening an avocado with much anticipation- to find out it is another perfect choice. Because lets fact it, nothing is worse than planning to have huge chunks of avocado on your salad only to find out that it is brown, icky, and not edible! Can anyone feel me here?

5. Empty peanut butter/sunbutter/almond butter/nut butter jars.
They are perfect for stuffing with greek yogurt or hot oats or overnight oats and topped with granola or fresh fruit or chia seeds or hemp seeds or any other sort of superfood. Any morning with an empty nut butter jar for breakfast is a great morning.

6. Smoothies in any way, shape, or form. But preferably eaten with a spoon in a bowl. After hearing Kayla wish she had her own blender to whip up smoothies in her dorm room, I have been much more thankful for my own blender in my kitchen. I always pretend to send her them via text messaging anyways. It’s the thought that counts.
These minor, minuscule, moments can easily be forgotten after a rough day at work, a long day at school, or after a fight with a sibling. Instead of brushing them to the side, I have decided that it is sometimes a bunch of small, little moments that can make a day special than a big event.

What little moments have made your life fabulous? Are you noticing these moments, or letting them pass you by?



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