Australia Check In #2

30 Aug

I think it’s time for another Australia recap!

First, I cannot believe i’ve been in Australia for over 7 weeks now!

The days are seriously flying by.

I’ll admit before I left 5 months seemed like a very very very long time.

But I am realizing pretty quickly just how short 5 months really is.

I am also reminded on daily basis by my mother and sister of the small number of days left until I return to the states.

It makes me sad to type that i’ll sadly be on a plane to the US in 85 days.

But let’s not think about that.

Let’s think about all the awesome things i’ve seen so far.

Eureka Skydeck: a breathtaking 88 story view of the city of Melbourne


Queen Victoria Market: a market that has been in Melbourne for over a century. I was in heaven with the rows and rows of fresh bread, 100’s of different cheeses, cases of fresh fish, and the abundance of fresh produce.


Phillip Island: A couple weeks ago I took a day trip here with a few friends. The views on the beach were absolutely breathtaking. Australia is such a beautiful country.



I got to put my feet in the Australian ocean for the first time!


Driving on the opposite side of the road! I haven’t been brave enough to actually drive yet- riding in the passenger seat is weird enough!


My first Australian footy game! Footy is the most interesting sport ever and i’m slowly becoming a pro at the rules.


The city of Melbourne: I try to visit the city at least once a week. It is awesome to be so close to such a beautiful (and clean) city!



Melbourne street art: the graffiti is absolutely beautiful in the ally ways in the city.


Healesville Sanctuary: this is a zoo in Australia that specializes in native Australian animals. I saw tons of different animals including Koala bears,  Kangaroos, and Wallabies!





Up next on my to-do list in the next few weeks includes:

1. St. Kilda: the closest beach to Melbourne
2. Brunch at The Manchester Press: a trendy brunch spot in the city
3. Mid-semester trip to Cairns, The Whitsundays, and Brisbane: I recently booked a 6 day trip with a few of my closest friends from abroad during our semester break. The highlights of the trip include snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving, holding a kola bear, relaxing on Australian beaches, and sailing to the Whitsundays.

Here’s to hoping the next 85 days slow down just a little bit!


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