My Love Affair With Running

10 Sep

Before the start of my summer vacation, I disliked running. I hated the distance, I thought it was a waste of my time, and would seriously rather be walking. Now, a few short months later, my love for running has grown. I cannot believe at one point in my life I disliked long distance.

At least 4 days a week, I now find myself running around town, throughout my college campus, or up and down the blocks of my neighborhood.

Here are my favorite reasons that I love running!

1. It is a stress reliever and my personal time to let my thoughts run wild! I can think about what I need to do today and I can plan what I am doing this weekend, or I can just run without a single thought going through my head.

2. I can listen to music that inspires me to keep running. Today I even sang along to my Pandora radio station as I ran around town. That was a signal to me that it was definitely going to be a good day.

3. I can run with a friend! That is the number one thing I miss most about Kayla being in Australia. I miss the running companion. However, thanks to school being back in session, I found one of my sorority sisters to be a great running buddy! Monday is our day to run together. We keep the same pace, and enjoy the same distance. It is great to be able to catch up with her while getting in some exercise.

4. It releases endorphins that make you feel ABSOLUTELY fabulous. Who can be in a bad mood after they have completed their workout for the day by 9 am? or even at 5 pm. Whenever you run, you cannot help but feel great afterwards.

5. It gives me a new “goal” to work at. I am constantly increasing my distance and lowering my mile time. It is a great challenge for me to work for and I am enjoying it each and every day.

6. It is great for your health!

7. It’s so easy and can be completed anywhere! No need for any exercise equipment, weights, or yoga mats. It is just you and a great pair of running sneakers.

I cannot wait for Kayla and I to participate in our first race. We want to start off small with a 5K, and eventually work our way up to our final goal: a 1/2 marathon! People may look at us like we are crazy, but it is a challenge we want to work for and accomplish together.

So if you  are one of those people who think you hate running, just give it another try! You never know until you start. And maybe, you will even find yourself in a love affair with running just like I found myself in one!


I want to know, do you enjoy running? If not, what do you enjoy doing for exercise? Do you have any exercise goals?


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