Getting Back Into Blogging

21 Oct


Sometimes months accidentally fly by. You look at the calendar and it’s August and then all of a sudden the next time you look at the calendar it’s almost the end of October. We apologize. We’re guilty of being caught up in the past few crazy months both of us have been having. We’ve decided that we should probably get back into blogging for our sake and our readers sake. We both miss our weekly posts. Life just isn’t the same without what we ate wednesday posts.

So it’s Monday and we decided why not make this marvelous  Monday morning even more marvelous with a blog post. Here’s what we’ve been up too lately. It’s been a pretty exciting past couple of weeks!

Kayla is still halfway across the world in Australia but her time there is quickly coming to an end. She’ll be home in just 34 short days. This week is her last week of classes for the semester. We cannot believe how fast time is flying by. On Saturday evening she leaves for Bali, Indonesia for a week. After Bali, her schedule is filled with studying and passing three exams, a weekend trip to Sydney, a day on the Great Ocean Road, packing, and a 22 hour journey home.

Kayla’s spent the past few weeks holding koalas


snorkeling and sailing the Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Diving

and jumping out of planes

Sky Diving

Devon just returned from a four day trip to Utah for her best friends wedding.

Devon & Tori

She’s also been busy overseeing the kitchen renovation

And making everyone insanely jealous with all her beautiful food pictures on instagram.

But that’s nothing new. We hope you forgive us for going MIA the past few weeks. Here’s to a fabulous twin reunion in 34 short days with lots and lots of cooking and eating in the following weeks. We know Kayla’s pretty excited to come home to a new, beautiful, and fully stocked kitchen and pantry. Dorm life can get pretty old, fast.

What are you excited for in the upcoming weeks? 


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