Friday Favorites

24 Jan

1. Polar Watch

We have had our polar watches for over six months now but have not had the chance to blog about them yet! We love that they monitor our heart rates, keep track of our calorie burn, and time our workouts. It is so helpful to watch your targeted heart rate go up and down during HITT workouts, body pump classes, and runs around the neighborhood. If you are interested in monitoring your own heart rate and exercise when you work out, then we suggest you purchase one of your own! The only thing we wish our Polar watch had was a built in GPS feature, to track miles when completing our long distance runs. But thankfully we both have Iphone apps that can keep track of the mileage for us.

2. Naked 2 Palette 

Neutral eye colors are kind of our thing. Although we love fun and bold eye colors, we tend to lean towards wearing basic colors everyday. This is why we absolutely love our Naked 2 palette so much. Naked has three different versions of these eye shadow combinations and although we only have the 2, we have heard great things about the first and most recent palettes. Our mom purchased our palette’s at Sephora last year around the holidays. We know they can also be found at many department stores, Ulta, and online!

3. Toasted Coconut Coffee 

After a few weeks of drinking Folgers coffee we have come to the conclusion that flavored coffee is just so much better. We have been debating for a while whether or not buying flavored coffee was worth the increase price tag because we can buy a huge container of Folgers at Costco for around $10. After picking up a $5 bag of toasted coconut coffee at Marshalls, there is no going back. We can justify it by thinking about how much it would cost to get a cup of flavored Dunkin’ each day before class. Coconut coffee > buying coffee on the go.

4. Fitness Blender

One of the best things about blogging is finding out what other bloggers are doing and love. A few weeks ago we were scrolling through one of our favorite blogs (we can’t remember whose) and came across a link to Fitness Blender. We have been using it so much lately, especially for early morning workouts when the roads are bad and we just don’t feel like driving to the gym. The website has 100’s of workout videos ranging from yoga, HITT videos, plain old cardio videos, ab workouts, warm up, cool downs, and so much more. We are not exaggerating when we say we LOVE this website and have tried over 10 different workout videos and loved them all. Next time you feel like changing up your workout routine make sure to check it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have some fun events planned over the next few days. Check back on Monday to see what we got ourselves into over this weekend.

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