Weekend Shots [3/17/14]

17 Mar

Happy Monday! We spent the past weekend in Boston, Massachusetts at a psychology conference. It was a busy, sleep-deprived weekend but we enjoyed every second of it! Here are some pictures and highlights from our short weekend getaway!


For lunch on Friday we finally got to try Sweet Green!





We both ended up going for the Spicy Sabzi salad with buckwheat bread on the side. It was fabulous and we cannot wait to try and recreate this salad at home!




For dinner we hit up Atlantic Fish Company after our mom and Lou gave the place rave reviews after trying it out during there last trip to Boston.






Needless to say, both of us were extremely impressed all the way from the beer to The San Francisco Cioppino we had for dinner. The cioppino was a huge bowl of lobster, shrimp, clams, fish, scallops, and mussels in a spicy broth. It was to die for!




Saturday morning we met one of Kayla’s friends she made in Australia who studies at Boston College.



We met for a late breakfast at Pavement Cafe. Whole wheat bagel sandwiches with scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, and tempeh bacon. Extra large iced coffees to wash it all down.

After breakfast we spent the majority of the afternoon walking around Boston window shopping and enjoying the beautiful 50 degree weather.


In the afternoon we met our parents at Georgetown Cupcakes.



The carrot cake vegan cupcake did not disappoint.



After our last presentation later in the day we packed up the car and headed to Cambridge Brewing Company before leaving Massachusetts.



We were so impressed with their Spring Training IPA it was gone in about 2.5 seconds.




Lentil and walnut burgers and a fresh greens salad on the side was the perfect last meal in Boston.



Both of us were so in love with Boston and really enjoyed the city life atmosphere! Future home? Perhaps.

So tell us, are you a city person?


 This weekend was definitely marvelous. Thanks Katie for hosting such a fun link-up.

One Response to “Weekend Shots [3/17/14]”

  1. Health, Love, and Chocolate March 17, 2014 at 10:36 pm #

    I have been dying to try Sweet Green aka salad heaven. Someday!

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