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Weekend Shots [2/17/14]

17 Feb

Sometimes the snow is awesome. Sometimes the snow sucks. This weekend was one of the later two.

Unfortunately, the unexpected snow storm ruined our plans to make a quick trip to visit our cousin. However, it all ended up working out and she found a beautiful dress to walk down the aisle in. We all three have a feeling that our dad had something to do with it. He likes to do stuff like that.

We spent the majority of Saturday being lazy because lets be honest sometimes we all just need a lazy day.

Sunday we slept in, made a big bowl of oats for breakfast, sipped our coffee slowly, and started studying for an upcoming exam. Then we spent a few hours in the afternoon at work and then spent the evening with our Phi Sigma Sigma sisters. Twas’ a good weekend indeed. Here are some photos to prove just how marvelous it truly was.

Chili & cornbread. 


Enormous bananas anyone?




Overnight oats.




Pears galore.


Late night snacks.


Poached eggs.




Make sure to check out the all the other marvelous Monday blog posts over on Katie’s blog, Healthy Diva Eats. Marvelous


WIAW Blueberry Edition

12 Jun

Happy Wednesday! We are pretty happy it’s already Wednesday considering we have fun plans for today! We both have off so we filled our day full of fun activities including 5:50 am Muscle Pump, cleaning the house (okay not so fun but much needed), a mother-daughter-grandma lunch date at one of our favorite local restaurants, and an afternoon poolside.

wiaw sensible snacking button

Thanks to Jenn for hosting another fabulous WIAW Wednesday. This month’s theme is sensible snacking and lately we’ve been snacking on tons of fresh fruit, vegetables with hummus, smoothies, Berry Blast Simply Real Pro Bars, cottage cheese, and cashew energy bites (recipe coming soon!).

On Sunday we picked up a huge carton of blueberries at Cosco so we’ve been adding them to everything lately!

Yesterday Eats

Breakfast cookie topped with plain greek yogurt and blueberries with blueberry coffee on the side.


Close up shot


Whole wheat tortilla topped with 2 scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato slices, mixed greens, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Paired with a big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and mango.


Close up shot #2


Naked Green Machine juice on the side.


Afternoon Snacking
Devon snacked on a Roasted Nut Roll Uber Lara Bar and grapes while at work.


Kayla snacked on a piece of whole grain bread topped with peanut butter.

We both enjoyed lots of grapes too!

Baked chicken, asparagus, and a side of Blueberry Bulgur Wheat Salad we were just dying to make from yesterday’s post.


Late night snack

Homemade Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding (2 tablespoons of chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of PB2, 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, 1/2 sliced banana) topped with homemade Coconut Whip Cream, blueberries, and extra banana slices.


We are loving summer and all the fresh produce that comes along with it! What’s your favorite summer produce item?

Mid-Week Visit

22 May

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday we were delighted to have our cousin Marissa visit us on one of her days off! She is a flight attendant and when she isn’t spending her days working on a plane she is usually a passenger flying somewhere gorgeous. She has basically been everywhere…India, Japan, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Scotland, Andaman Islands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hawaii, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel…you get the picture. We’re slightly jealous but glad she found time to come visit us with her crazy schedule.

She loves to cook just like us so we had tons of fun! We spent the first half of the day grocery shopping and cooking and spent the afternoon at the matinee showing of The Great Gatsby! It is such a good movie and even better that it only cost $6.50 to see it! The price of movie theater tickets kind of disgusts us, but matinee showings are usually much more reasonable! If you haven’t seen it yet…go right now.

Here’s yesterdays eats in picture form!

Breakfast started off with coffee made with our French Press for the first time! The french press is cool but we definitely love our coffee pot more. It may be nice if you only need to make a single cup of coffee but it probably will not become a everyday kinda thing. We’re too hooked on the perfect 10 cups of coffee our pot brews.


We had a delicious breakfast of hot oats one last time before the summer heat makes eating hot oats impossible. These were made with banana + cottage cheese and topped with buckwheat + coconut + almond butter


Lunch was a salad topped with Trader Joe’s Multigrain bread + avocado + corn + peppers + carrots + cucumber + and leftover grilled chicken with cherries and pineapple on the side


We just had to share with you all how perfect our avocado was! Does anyone else get anxiety before cutting an avocado? We are alway soooooo nervous it won’t be a good one…good thing we got lucky this time! Our avocado picking skills are getting much better thanks to this Pinterest find here.


This was our cousins lunch plate: cherries + spinach + avocado + indian chickpeas + a sliced pear


The Great Gatsby was a pretty long movie so we snuck in some snacks to hold us over! A fruit smoothie + some extra pineapple and cherries to snack on held us over until dinner


Dinner was a delicious crock pot creation inspired by Kath’s recipe here! We love cooking but sometimes it is just awesome when the crock pot does all the work for you. This was made with chickpeas + sweet potato chunks + cauliflower + tons of indian spices.


We served this amazing creation over bulgar wheat with yogurt + chopped cashews + shredded coconut was added after this picture was taken!


The rest of the evening was spent doing a one hour intense yoga session, relaxing, and enjoying each others company! After an hour of sweaty yoga our late night snack was a yogurt parfait with buckwheat granola + blueberry preserves + banana slices

Along with yesterdays eats, here are a few pictures of things we are loving lately!

Snack: sugar snap peas + Trader Joe’s cilantro hummus


Smoothie: frozen banana + blueberries + grapefruit juice


Now head on over to Peas and Crayons to join the party and see what everyone else is munchin’ on today.

what i ate

Cookie Dough Breakfast Bowl

23 Apr

“Throw your hands in the air. If you love breakfast foods and ya can’t help but scream yeah”

Okay I know. Kinda a little cheesy, but seriously. We love breakfast foods.

There’s just something about waking up in the morning, starving, and then being able to satisfy your hunger with something sweet, thick, delicious, and peanut-buttery. I mean people that don’t have peanut butter (or any other nut butter) in their diets are seriously MISSIN’ out. Sun-butter is the ultimate key to this breakfast combinaion. It is the glue that holds together the cookie dough. It’s the glue that makes the rest of the day bearable. The more you use, the more “doughy” your bowl is going to be.

Although we would love to claim this genius breakfast idea as our own, we must give credit to the cookie dough master herself. Gina, the Fitnessista, has this basic recipe and tons of other great ideas over on her blog. Below is our own take on her classic recipe. One of her main ingredients is protein powder but we choose to add TVP instead to get in some additional protein. We don’t really use protein powders, but instead like to find additional protein in other types of food. The combinations and toppings are endless. Get creative. Search for what you have hiding in the back of your pantry. Cranberries, almonds, chai seeds, hemp seeds, raisins, peanut butter, almond butter, protein powder, TVP, ground flax, rolled oats, quick oats, buckwheat, you get the idea.

Try this out and let us know what fun combination you put together!

Cookie Dough
Serves 1

1/2 cup quick oats
1 tsp chai seeds
1 tsp ground flax
1 tbsp TVP
1 tbsp sunbutter
cinnamon to taste
a dash of salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp unsweetened coconut, toasted
1/2 banana, divided into two parts
1/2 cup milk of choice

1. Toast coconut in the microwave for 45 second intervals until toasted. Watch carefully, it burns easily!
2. Add quick oats, chai seeds, flax, TVP, sunbutter, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, coconut, and one part of the banana into a bowl.
3. Mash everything together until it forms a “cookie dough” consistency.
4. Slice remaining part of banana overtop of cereal.
5. Pour milk overtop and enjoy with a large cup of coffee!

Mhmhm, we love it.
Have you ever tried a breakfast like this before? What’s your opinion on eating raw oats?

Oatmeal, Salmon, and a Whole Lot of Greens

20 Mar


Wednesdays are secretly our favorite blog day because we just love linking up with Peas and Crayons and sharing our most recent eats. We decided to include the time of each meal so you can see the average distance between them.

(7:20 am) Breakfast this morning was whipped banana oats (we are just totally obsessed with this fabulous combination and the natural sweetness that comes from the banana). We also cooked the oats with eggbeaters and topped them with the last of our cranberry sauce (tear), dried cranberries, buckwheat, and sun butter. Served with a big cup of coffee on the side to get our Tuesday going.


I think it was the combination of the snow on the ground and the rain that made us feel extra sleepy today. Sipping on coffee all morning while working on school work definitely helped motivate us to get stuff done. Motivation is probably every college students biggest problem. Are we right or are we right?

(11:45 am) Lunch was a salad topped with cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion, and goat cheese. On the side was a handful of wheat thins and a plain Chobani Greek yogurt topped with almonds, banana slices, and honey. Lately we’ve been loving water with fresh lime instead of lemon. Such a good change.


(3:15 pm) Right around 3 we usually start to get hungry again. Today’s snack was an apple pie Lara bar smeared with chunky peanut butter and topped with a couple slices of banana. Peppermint tea got us through another afternoon of school work. Thank god there are only 9 more days till Easter break!


(6:15 pm) Sometimes simple dinners truly are the best. Tonight we had baked salmon served with a lentil trio mix and kale steamed in maple syrup. The sweetness from the maple syrup added the perfect touch to this dish. Try it sometime you won’t be disappointed!

Today was the first day in five weeks that we were able to go to yoga! The class that is held at our school is called body flow. It is a mix of stretching, pilates, and relaxation and we love it.

(10:00 pm) Late night snack time! We ended this fabulous day with another smoothie in a bowl. This smoothie was made with vanilla almond milk, pumpkin purée, and a frozen banana. We topped this SIAB with Special K cinnamon pecan cereal, slivered almonds, and pb2!

Today was definitely a good food day in our books. What was your favorite thing you ate yesterday?


Pumpkin Spiced Latte

18 Oct


Nothing screams fall more than a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte. But lets be honest, on a lazy Sunday afternoon when the craving for a warm pumpkin coffee drink comes along, the last thing you want to do is get in your car and drive to the nearest Starbucks. Thats why we’ve created our own pumpkin spiced latte’s at home. Now you can enjoy these in your lazy sunday lounge wear, in your slippers, and in the comfort of your warm and cozy home just like we did. These are our own take on Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 


1 1/2 cups skim milk
1-2 shots of espresso 
1 1/2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin
sweetener to taste (we used 2 packets of equal)
1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1/2 tsp. cinnamon 
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract 


1. Combine the milk, spices, pumpkin, sweetener, and vanilla in a small sauce pan and heat over low heat stirring occasionally. When the liquid reaches a simmer you can remove it from the heat and pour into a mug.

2. Next, it’s time to make your foam topping. Whip together another tsp of pumpkin, and another 1/4 cup of skim milk with a frothier. Once you’ve reached the foamy consistency desired, top your milk mixture, and add desired amount of expresso. Finally, top this amazing goodness with a pinch of cinnamon and enjoy!