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Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Happy New Year! Last night we rang in the new year with a good friend. Our night was filled with tofu ricotta lasagna [to die for, btw] wine, and champagne as the ball dropped.


It was fabulous, low key, and enjoyed by all.


Cheers to 2014, may your year be filled with lots and lots of great moments.


This morning we woke up around 8:45 and got in a quick 30 minute run around the neighborhood to kick off 2014 on the right note!


After showering we made our first breakfast of 2014. A greek yogurt parfait filled with plain 2% Fage, diced red delicious apples, homemade granola, and peanut butter!


Today we plan on having a lazy day filled with lots and lots of Grey’s anatomy.

We hope you have a fabulous first day of the new year!


How did you ring in 2014?

Our Weekend in Pictures

9 Dec

Happy Monday.






Catching Fire.




Shredded Kale Salad.








Coconut Chobani.



Starr Hill IPA.



Sweet potato fries.




Sunday morning waffles.







Relaxing yoga.



Kitty Snuggles.

We hope you have a fabulous week!

Back to the Grindstone

26 Aug

Today I am headed back to college to begin my junior year of classes!
I am officially an upperclassman, and over halfway through my undergraduate degree!
And what is even more exciting about the start of classes for the fall?
I am now pursuing a degree in psychology!

After lots of long talks about what Devon wants to really do with her life, I realized that whatever I wanted to do in the future no longer involved working in a classroom full of 3rd graders, or even in a school setting.
So I did lots of research.
Thought about my options.
Questioned my current career choice.
Asked lots of questions.
And realized that I could actually pursue a degree is something I am so interested in.
I love health, and I even had thoughts about becoming a registered dietitian or nutritionist up to this point.
And now I think health psychology is an even better fit for me!
So you may be thinking, “what does a health psychologist even do?”

There are so many different settings a health psychology can work in. But basically, they typically work in a clinical setting to help prevent illness and promote healthy behaviors. Health psychologists also influence public policy on health care issues. An example of this would be promoting that all nutritional data is listed on the menu at fast food restaurants. Health psychologists can even take part in research on health related issues.

Although now I have to get my Ph.D. and continue onto graduate school after I complete my undergrad, I am so excited to find something that I have so much passion for.  And what is even better than having tons of passion for it? My twin sister shares this passion with me! Upon telling her of my decision to change my major and purse a psychology degree to later get into health psychology, she was right there with me. We hope to some day open our own practice together, helping others find the joys of living a healthy lifestyle.

So although I have to get back to the grindstone today and begin going to classes, studying, and working hard, I am also beginning my new career path as a psychology major.
And that is pretty marvelous if I say so myself.

Here’s to another marvelous Monday thanks to Katie’s link-up over at Healthy Diva Eats.
And here’s to Kayla, who is already underway on her 5th week of classes in Australia!
How crazy is that?!?!


So I would like to know: What are you studying in college? What are your career goals? If you already graduated college, what field are you currently working in?

Marvelous Things Lately

13 May

Summer break is going marvelous.

Especially with marvelous salads.


marvelous smoothie bowls.


marvelous hand wrapped summer rolls


marvelous half price smoothies from Desserts, Etc.


marvelous greek yogurt bowls.


And marvelous life changing bread.


Our summer is also extra marvelous thanks to finding this favorite Yoplait frozen yogurt flavor at our local Walmart.


However, the most marvelous find of them all is definitely this jar of Artisana Raw Coconut Butter we scored from TJ Maxx.


We are in heaven.

It is marvelous over smoothies.


On top of oatmeal with diced apples and cinnamon.


And we’re eager to try it on top of our beloved sweet potatoes, we are sure it is going to be marvelous.


Starting today at 5:50am, we are taking up a new fitness class at our College! We know that the timing sounds a little crazy…but we are excited to start working out again. Our personal fitness goals for this summer are to gain muscle, get stronger, and be able to run longer distances again. We are hoping to eventually run a 5k when Kayla gets back from Australia! Although a 5k is not an extremely long distance, it is a start on our ultimate goal of someday running a half marathon!


We hope you all have a marvelous Monday, we know we will! Now head on over to Katie’s blog, Healthy Diva Eats and check out how marvelous her weekend was!

Do you have any marvelous goals for this summer?

Yoga Help

9 Jan

We recently have become obsessed with Target! It is crazy how many cool things you can find there on clearance. One of our favorite pastimes is shopping and we have been raised to never turn down a good deal! You should hear some of our dad’s best finds. He used to buy things at crazy low prices, because why not? I think he rubbed off on us two a little bit. So just the other day we were browsing through our local target with our mom and came across Marc Jacobs yoga mats. Originally $50 marked down to $15. We couldn’t turn them down! Aren’t they beautiful?!


Just looking at them makes us want to do yoga. Except there is just one huge problem…we don’t know of any good yoga videos to try! We need your help! Does anyone have any suggestions on yoga videos they’ve tried? Please let us know, we’re desperate! We don’t want to waste our time doing silly videos that can’t be backed up by someone we know. So if you know any personally or know of a yoga expert yourself please share! We just want a good yoga video!!