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Weekend Shots [2/3/14]

3 Feb

Somehow it is already February. We are not quite sure how that happened but there is no complaining about it in this household. The start of February means we are one month closer to spring, warmer weather, and running season! These past few weeks have been so cold in Pennsylvania that we have not been able to get an outside run in at all! We know the treadmill is always an option but let’s be honest, nothing compares to running outside. Whose with us?

This past week was jam-packed for us! It was formal rush for our sorority and there were lots of late nights involved. Late nights and early mornings make for some sleepy sisters. We somehow managed to make it through the week with lots of coffee and finally caught up on some much needed sleep this weekend. Since we missed out on a WIAW post last week here are some snapshots from our past week and weekend. We hope you enjoy!


















We ended the weekend with a lazy Sunday morning breakfast for two. Happy Monday!

Weekend Shots [1/27/14]

27 Jan

Happy Monday everyone! We spent this past weekend in Virginia at a leadership conference for Phi Sigma Sigma. Both of us are on executive board for our sororities’ chapter at Lebanon Valley College so we spent the weekend soaking up lots of great ideas and leadership skills to bring back to the rest of our sisters.

Road tripping with 4 of our other sorority sisters was such a fun way to spend the weekend! We were not sure what to expect food wise because we had no control over our meals for the weekend at the conference. We made sure to pack tons of healthy snacks including fresh fruit, granola bars, and a homemade loaf of 100% honey whole wheat bread.

Here are some snapshots from our weekend, enjoy!


Before getting to the hotel on Friday evening we stopped to grab chipotle to go for dinner. Best way to start off the weekend. We got huge salads with their newest menu item, Sofritas! It’s tofu infused with spicy flavors! Has else anyone ever tried this new menu item before?



The breakfast selection was rough despite the abundance of bananas and apples. They only had pastries and plain mini regular bagels. Good thing we brought homemade bread and peanut butter to fill in the gaps at breakfast.



The lunch spread on Saturday was pretty decent thanks to a buffet included fresh fruit and a make your own sandwich bar. We made friends with the servers who brought us our own plate of fruit!



There were water stations all over the hotel for the conference weekend. We also tried orange infused water for the first time, amazing. Definitely planning to recreate something like this at home!



The hotel was freezing in the lobby, so we huddled together to keep warm in between sessions.



It is absolutely wonderful to be sisters and executive board members. We love being able to both hold a leadership position in a Phi Sigma Sigma!



Saturday night was a Monte Carlo themed dinner and auction event for the Phi Sigma Foundation. There was bingo, auctions, t-shirt bidding, a photo booth, and more! We had so much fun! Devon even won a free t-shirt during bingo!




Here’s all of our sisters before dinner! We were always 10-15 minutes early thanks to our hatred of being late. We always got excellent seats at the sessions and meals. Being on time has its perks.




Dinner Saturday night started with a mixed greens salad, and ended with the main course that involved chicken, asparagus, carrots, mashed red potatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes. Not bad at all!




After the conference ended on Sunday around noon, we map quested the local town to find a Panera close by! We quickly enjoyed a chicken hummus bowl off of their hidden menu (which is officially not hidden anymore) with a side of wheat baguette. The bread does not come with the salad, but it is totally worth it anyways.

After getting home late in the afternoon Sunday, we had only a few minutes to spare before we headed to campus for our sorority meeting! It was such a busy weekend, and we decided that school work just was not going to get completed until Monday. Thankfully, we both have an 8am and then a huge gap in our schedules for homework and playing catchup.

Before bed, we finished working on important things on our to-do lists and saved a little time for relaxation! We are planning on attending our 5:40 AM pump class tomorrow, so knew we needed to head to bed pretty early. 10:30 and our lights are out!

Happy Monday!

The Big 2-1

6 Jan

Marvelous does not even begin to explain this weekend!
Can you guess why?
It was marvelous because we celebrated our 21st birthday!
and here’s a little photo recap of what went down.

Our weekend was filled with beer.
Lots of sister time.
Raw cheesecake.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.40.06 PM
High school friends.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.34 PM
Fresh juice.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.55 PM
More friends.
Oh She Glows veggie burgers.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.47 PM
Troegs Brewery.
And flowers.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.20 PM
We are so thankful for all of our friends and family that made our special day so wonderful!


A White Weekend

16 Dec

Happy Monday! We had a pretty eventful weekend filled with lots and lots of snow flurries, dog sitting, working, cooking, and eating.

Here are so pictures from our busy weekend. Hope you enjoy!












Did you get lots of snow this weekend?

Our Weekend in Pictures

9 Dec

Happy Monday.






Catching Fire.




Shredded Kale Salad.








Coconut Chobani.



Starr Hill IPA.



Sweet potato fries.




Sunday morning waffles.







Relaxing yoga.



Kitty Snuggles.

We hope you have a fabulous week!

A Marvelous Thanksgiving Weekend

2 Dec

Happy Monday. We hope you all had a fabulous weekend filled with great food, rocking black friday deals, and lots and lots of family time. We know we did. Here’s a picture recap of our marvelous weekend.

What was your favorite moment from this holiday weekend?













Getting Back Into Blogging

21 Oct


Sometimes months accidentally fly by. You look at the calendar and it’s August and then all of a sudden the next time you look at the calendar it’s almost the end of October. We apologize. We’re guilty of being caught up in the past few crazy months both of us have been having. We’ve decided that we should probably get back into blogging for our sake and our readers sake. We both miss our weekly posts. Life just isn’t the same without what we ate wednesday posts.

So it’s Monday and we decided why not make this marvelous  Monday morning even more marvelous with a blog post. Here’s what we’ve been up too lately. It’s been a pretty exciting past couple of weeks!

Kayla is still halfway across the world in Australia but her time there is quickly coming to an end. She’ll be home in just 34 short days. This week is her last week of classes for the semester. We cannot believe how fast time is flying by. On Saturday evening she leaves for Bali, Indonesia for a week. After Bali, her schedule is filled with studying and passing three exams, a weekend trip to Sydney, a day on the Great Ocean Road, packing, and a 22 hour journey home.

Kayla’s spent the past few weeks holding koalas


snorkeling and sailing the Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Diving

and jumping out of planes

Sky Diving

Devon just returned from a four day trip to Utah for her best friends wedding.

Devon & Tori

She’s also been busy overseeing the kitchen renovation

And making everyone insanely jealous with all her beautiful food pictures on instagram.

But that’s nothing new. We hope you forgive us for going MIA the past few weeks. Here’s to a fabulous twin reunion in 34 short days with lots and lots of cooking and eating in the following weeks. We know Kayla’s pretty excited to come home to a new, beautiful, and fully stocked kitchen and pantry. Dorm life can get pretty old, fast.

What are you excited for in the upcoming weeks? 

Back to the Grindstone

26 Aug

Today I am headed back to college to begin my junior year of classes!
I am officially an upperclassman, and over halfway through my undergraduate degree!
And what is even more exciting about the start of classes for the fall?
I am now pursuing a degree in psychology!

After lots of long talks about what Devon wants to really do with her life, I realized that whatever I wanted to do in the future no longer involved working in a classroom full of 3rd graders, or even in a school setting.
So I did lots of research.
Thought about my options.
Questioned my current career choice.
Asked lots of questions.
And realized that I could actually pursue a degree is something I am so interested in.
I love health, and I even had thoughts about becoming a registered dietitian or nutritionist up to this point.
And now I think health psychology is an even better fit for me!
So you may be thinking, “what does a health psychologist even do?”

There are so many different settings a health psychology can work in. But basically, they typically work in a clinical setting to help prevent illness and promote healthy behaviors. Health psychologists also influence public policy on health care issues. An example of this would be promoting that all nutritional data is listed on the menu at fast food restaurants. Health psychologists can even take part in research on health related issues.

Although now I have to get my Ph.D. and continue onto graduate school after I complete my undergrad, I am so excited to find something that I have so much passion for.  And what is even better than having tons of passion for it? My twin sister shares this passion with me! Upon telling her of my decision to change my major and purse a psychology degree to later get into health psychology, she was right there with me. We hope to some day open our own practice together, helping others find the joys of living a healthy lifestyle.

So although I have to get back to the grindstone today and begin going to classes, studying, and working hard, I am also beginning my new career path as a psychology major.
And that is pretty marvelous if I say so myself.

Here’s to another marvelous Monday thanks to Katie’s link-up over at Healthy Diva Eats.
And here’s to Kayla, who is already underway on her 5th week of classes in Australia!
How crazy is that?!?!


So I would like to know: What are you studying in college? What are your career goals? If you already graduated college, what field are you currently working in?

A Marvelous Weekend Getaway

29 Jul

One of the top places on my “to-see” list included the small town of Charlottesville, Virginia. From researching online, this small town seemed to have it all. Everything was within walking distance, there was always something going on/to do, people were friendly, the town was adorable, and the surrounding restaurants looked A-mazing. So, when my parents asked me where I would like to visit for a weekend getaway, I knew exactly where I would pick. Charlottesville! And let me tell you, boy am I thankful that I picked the town that I did. Our weekend getaway was perfect! The weather couldn’t have been better [not too hot, not too cold minimal rain] and we got to see and do everything on my list. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mom and step-dad who put up with all of the crazy things on my list. Here’s a little closer look at what I did during my weekend away and some of my top “must-do” things on my list.

During the trip, we stopped along the way to check out the beautiful Virginia Mts. We also stopped in a few other towns for a little sight seeing, gas stops, and to stretch our feet. Here’s a photo of me and my mom at a beautiful stop along the highway.


Once we got into Charlottesville, we checked into our hotel, took a quick nap, and then went out to explore the city.


I was trying to get some good photos, but these ones are just so-so. I was having too much fun walking around, people watching, and soaking up the fact that we were actually here! We spent awhile walking around before we got hungry and decided we needed to sit down for some dinner.

First up on my list, dinner at The Citizen Burger Bar.


Their menu is basically just a step by step build your own burger with a few of their favorite combinations down below. Their main idea is grass-fed, local ingredients for the best burgers. I don’t eat ground beef, but my mom and step dad loved that their menu was made up of local ingredients. They both agreed it was one of the best burgers they have ever had. I on the other hand, had my eye on the vegan beet burger. This burger was made with red beets, millet, and quinoa! I got mine served on a multi-grain bun with arugula + onion + sprouts + tomato. It stayed together, was so flavorful, and I was quite impressed.


The only downside to eating here was that they accidentally lost our order, and we had to wait FOREVER to get our food. However, they did a great job of apologizing for this mis-hap, and even gave us a free round of drinks! Say hello to my new favorite IPA.


Star Hill Brewery Double IPA. [FABULOUS + STRONG 9.0%]

Until we got done with dinner and back to the hotel, we were all exhausted. We fell asleep relatively early so we would be well rested for the busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

I was so excited that I didn’t even sleep that well. I was tossing and turning at 4:30 am, 5:00 am, 5:15 am, 5:45 am, 6:00 am, 6:45 am, and then finally I just gave up and got out of bed around 7:15 am.

Although the hotel had a free breakfast, we kind of made our set up in the hotel room. Minus getting utensils, coffee, hot water for tea, and fruit from downstairs.

My breakfast was 1/2 Trader Joe’s blueberry bran muffin, 1/2 banana, strawberries, cantaloupe, a plain Fage greek yogurt, and some Trader Joe’s raw trek mix granola.


After getting ready and enjoying breakfast, we headed out to check out the local farmers market. It was another thing on my to-do list.


At the farmers market I got a package of No Bull Burgers because I absolutely love them, and they are made locally in Virginia, 2 pints of blackberries because they were seriously the size of strawberries, and cville crunch bread + cville granola from GREAT HARVEST BAKERY! I was in heaven. Pure heaven.


After the farmers market, my mom and I walked around in downtown Charlottesville to check out some more local shops.

We walked downtown for a few miles and around 1 pm decided we needed to get some lunch. We went to another place on my to-do list: Eppie’s. We both enjoyed the Santa Monica Salad with chicken! With lots of our own water + lemon on the side. We carried around huge bottles of water all weekend long!


The afternoon was spent walking around, stopping for homemade ice cream for my step-dad [he’s a huge fan], and taking an afternoon nap back at the hotel. We stopped by Whole Foods to check out the Charlottesville location, and even my step dad was in love with the store. They had everything! I got some twin oaks tofu because I have wanted to try it forever, and I also picked up a locally made kombucha.


My mom and step dad were even excited to find a huge bottle of a beer they have been wanting to try forever. So of course we went back to the hotel room to celebrate our finds with a little happy hour. I loved the Appalachian Trail flavor that I got. It had ginger in it, and was perfect. So glad I picked that one! I would definitely get it again.


Dinner was once again downtown in Charlotesville. We decided that we only wanted something small, and opted for the good looking pizza place we checked out the night before! The name of it was Christian’s. My piece had fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil. They had so many unique combinations to try. They even had pizza with avocado on top. I was tempted, but couldn’t turn down the slice that I got.


After dinner, we went back to the hotel and relaxed with some more locally made beer and a new Netflix series. It is called Orange is the New Black. Has anyone ever watched it before? It is kind of addicting. I have seen three of the episodes so far. Maybe I’ll watch another one later this week.

The next morning we slept in until 9:30am, then got dressed, had breakfast, packed the car, and headed home. We stopped along the way at Panera for some lunch, before getting back home around 3:45 pm. I was greeted upon my arrival home by this cutie.


He actually smilies! I don’t know if you can see it that well in this photo, but he gets so excited he can’t stop sneezing and smiling. I think he missed me, don’t you?

I unpacked the car, went for a quick run, and roasted everything left in my vegetable drawer for dinner.


I got to try my twin oaks tofu! Can you say yum! I love it. Why can’t we get this around here? I seriously think that I would eat it over chicken anyday. It is so flavorful. Have you ever tried it? I bought the herbed kind.

Thanks Katie, over at Healthy Diva Eats, for giving me a reason to share my marvelous weekend getaway with you all! Be sure to check out what everyone else was up to this weekend.


Unfortunately, Monday for me means back to work and back to reality. Oh well. I’m looking forward to my next little getaway in a few weeks to Erie, PA. Lets hope it’s a relaxing one. Until then, I am going to daydream about relaxing by the ocean water and wiggling my toes in the sand.

What are you daydreaming about on this Monday morning?

Australia Check In #1

21 Jul

Hey guys, it’s Kayla checking in all the way from Australia.

As of today, I have officially lived in Australia for one week!

This past week has been filled with a whirlwind of emotions. I’ll be honest, the first few days were pretty rough. Upon arriving I was extremely home sick and even had thoughts about coming home.

However, with tons of support from my family and friends I’ve managed to feel a lot better and no longer wish to come home tomorrow, as I felt may have been my only option during my first few days.

I guess being homesick just validates what a wonderful life I have back at home. I feel so blessed to have such a supportive family and don’t know what I would do without them.

Settling in and meeting new people definitely has helped me feel better. On my third night in Melbourne I went to the city and fell in love. Melbourne reminds me of New York City except it’s so much cleaner! The city is absolutely gorgeous.

Highlights of my trip so far are definitely going up in the Eureka Skydeck and visiting the Victoria Market.



The Skydeck was an 88 stories view of the entire city. I never realized how big Melbourne was until then.

Besides that the past week has been pretty low key and involved getting over jet lag and gathering all the stuff I need for the semester.

Next week is another orientation week although I only have to attend an event on Tuesday. This means the week is pretty open and I hope to explore the campus more, have my first real Australian coffee at a ma&pa shop, attend a couple fitness classes at the gym including body pump (!!!!), and Friday there is a day trip to the zoo! I’m pretty excited to see my first kangaroo!

Hope everyone else has a fabulous week! I hear the states are experiencing some pretty hot weather! Unfortunately, it’s winter here. Although I can’t complain because last week one day it was 70 degrees! Definitely not “winter” in my book.

A big thanks go to Katie, over at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting her weekly marvelous link-up. Australia sure is marvelous, and I cannot wait to share more of my adventures with you all.


**This post was actually published on my Monday morning in Australia, but it is still Sunday night in Pennsylvania! So you got Monday’s post just a little early!