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Friday Favorites #4

27 Dec

Happy Friday! With the holiday spirit all around us, so many things are filling our lives with joy lately! Here are some of the things that are making our lives extra special these past few days.

Buddha Bowls.


These bowls are perfect and rest naturally in the palm of your hand. They are pretty much perfect for eating just about anything out of them. We love to use them for yogurt, oatmeal, and soup!

Pink Sea Salt.


A couple month ago we snagged this container of pink sea salt at TJ Maxx and are in love. Just a dash on top of anything takes a dish from great to amazing.

XL Containers of Almond Butter.


We love MaraNatha’s almond butter and were pretty disappointed when we went to pick up a container at our local Cosco not once, but twice, and found out they were out of stock both times! When they finally got back in stock we picked up two just to make sure we would be okay for a few weeks or so. We love almond butter and for $7 a container, you can’t beat Cosco’s price anywhere!

Vanilla Almond Hand Lotion.


We opened these fabulous hand lotions from Anthropology on Christmas morning and are already obsessed. The aroma is to die for and the lotion makes our hands super smooth.

Aroma Professional Rice Cooker.

We’ve been eyeing rice cookers for a while now and were ecstatic to open one on Christmas morning from our step siblings. We haven’t used it yet but were excited to try large batches of brown rice, bulgur wheat, quinoa, and oatmeal!


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We’re heading out to the mall this afternoon to do some after Christmas shopping! We hope we find some good deals. This weekend we’re planning on trying out our new rice cooker. Does anyone have any rice cooker tips for us? 

What We’re Loving: Friday Edition

21 Jun

1. Oatmeal with fresh farmers market peaches


2. This Show

3. This nut butter


4. This incredible recipe

5. Blended Starbucks green tea


6. Waking up to this face


7. Lunches eaten pool side


8. This blog

9. Roasted veggies


10. Perfect avocados


Happy Weekend!