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Mothers Day Celebration

12 May

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”
– Unknown

Each year, a day is set aside to celebrate motherhood. It’s an important holiday for all mothers, grandmothers, and great grand mothers. For us, it’s an important day to make sure our mother knows just how much we love her! Words cannot begin to explain how thankful we are to have her support and her love through all of the good and the bad times in our lives.

We know everyone is bias and claims their mother to be “the best” one out there. So here we are, claiming that our mother is THE best, for numerous reasons. Lets just take a moment to recall a few reasons why she is by far the best mom we know.

1.) She always puts herself second and will seriously drop everything if we are having a melt down and need some help! (this actually just happened a few weeks ago and she went as far as to leave work to come and find us to help us out)

2.) She is the most THOUGHTFUL woman we know. She randomly shows up with our favorite things (peanut butter, Luna bars, something from her fridge she knows we’ll eat before she does, the Sunday paper, Greek yogurt, bananas….you get the idea).

3.) Have you see her outfits lately?! Not only is she the best mom but she’s by far the most stylish!!

4.) She talks to us 482619 times a day, every day, and can never run out of things to talk about.

5.) She raised us to work hard for everything we have and has taught us to never take anything for granted!


We are taking today to celebrate just how amazing our mother is and we hope you all are doing the same thing for yours!

Four Years too Long

9 Apr

Today marks the anniversary of the day we lost the most wonderful father in the world. Vivid memories of this day leave us both dreading this anniversary all the other 364 days of the year. Wishing each and every day that somehow we will wake up tomorrow and our dad will be back with us. As this day approaches every year, we mentally prepare ourselves to get through the day. It’s emotionally draining to say the least. But thanks to our friends and family who are there to support us we can stay positive to get through the day. We like to take the time to remember all of our favorite moments with our dad. We are smiling and laughing as we type this, thinking about all of our favorite memories.
Cabin trips.
Sheetz Smuffins.
His double smile.
His obsession with Lowes,
Yard sales,
And Flea Markets.
He’d classify them as JUNK.. Or we’d stop and see what they had to offer.
His favorite drink, wild turkey.
Driving when he wasn’t supposed to.
How he could always get a good deal on anything and everything.
His love for canned peaches.
And our Aunt Dawn’s cooking.
His love for others.
His cool “American Eagle” shorts he loved to wear.
His kindness.
When we would go four wheeling in the neighborhood.
His secret love hate relationship with our dog, Mick.
The way he thought his ideas were THE BEST.
His enthusiasm for school projects.
His unsweetened iced tea addiction at restaurants, always getting it to go.
His voice.
How proud he used to tell us he was about his girls.
Video recording Christmas morning every single year.
The list is endless.

Hug your dad today or give him a call and let him know how much you love him because as sad as it is, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Nothing is worth more than this day.