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Weekend Shots [2/24/14]

24 Feb

Blogs are marvelous. Especially when you look back at the picture montage of the weekend and realize it was a pretty fabulous one. Here are some snapshots from our weekend.



























Happy Monday! Thanks Katie for hosting this fun Monday link up. You sure know how to do Monday the right way.

Weekend Shots [2/10/14]

10 Feb

Another weekend in the books. We spent this past weekend soaking up as much family and friend time as possible. Between a Pho dinner date on Friday night with a sweet new friend, a Chipotle and Corona girls night on Saturday, and homemade pizza and craft beer on Sunday with our mom and Lou it was definitely a marvelous weekend.

Here are some shots to sum up our weekend, enjoy!

Leftover jars.


Roasted Vegetable Salad. 


Homemade Soup.


Beer Flights. 


Sleeping Beauty.


Crumbled Banana Bread. 


Cheers to Girls Night.


Shrimp Pho. 


Cottage Cheese Oats. 


Egg and Hummus Wraps. 


Homemade Pizza and Craft Beer. 


A White Weekend

16 Dec

Happy Monday! We had a pretty eventful weekend filled with lots and lots of snow flurries, dog sitting, working, cooking, and eating.

Here are so pictures from our busy weekend. Hope you enjoy!












Did you get lots of snow this weekend?

What We Ate Week 19 and the Official Start to our Summer

8 May

Happy Wednesday!

Although our blogging pattern may change this summer, we wouldn’t dare miss a what we ate Wednesday post! We have a little too much fun making and photographing our meals for an entire day.

Breakfasts in the summer are just sooooo much more fun because we usually are not in a time crunch. Our
favorite part of summer vacation by far is being able to wake up and enjoy our coffee and breakfast while hanging on our back patio. It is so nice to be able to start our day on such a relaxing note.

Yesterday’s breakfast wasn’t too fancy, but still amazing nevertheless. We made a big greek yogurt parfait to
start off our day. We took plain Greek yogurt and mixed it with almond milk. Then we topped it with Nature’s Path Pumpkin Raisin Crunch, Banana slices, extra raisins, and peanut butter frosting (1 tablespoon of peanut butter mixed with 1 tablespoon of almond milk). Paired with some Folger’s coffee and peppermint creamer (so typical, we know).

Lunch was a slice of our homemade sweet potato crust quiche (recipe coming later this week) on top of a bed of spinach with extra slices of sweet potato, grape tomatoes, and yellow peppers. Of course we took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed lunch outside on the patio.


A close up of this banging salad.


An Fuji apple was enjoyed on the side.


Look at how awesome this quiche looks cooking away in the oven. We cannot wait to share this recipe with you all!


It was a rainy afternoon yesterday so we stayed indoors and opted for an afternoon snack of mango green tea and life changing bread with sugar free apricot preserves spread on top. This bread is seriously LIFE CHANGING and we will have another post later this week to show you what exactly what makes it just so life changing 😉

Being officially done with spring semester means only one thing….celebration time in the form of yummy food and drinks. Yummy drinks include Barefoot Sweet Red.

Yummy dinner was enjoyed in the form of oat crust pizzas! We topped these with fresh chunks of pineapple, grape tomatoes, onion, zucchini, and spinach. Once cooked we crumbled grilled Boca burgers on top and drizzled them with a balsamic reduction.

Paired with a side of steamed asparagus!


The rest of our evening was spent watching a TV series we recently picked up on. It is called Downton Abbey! We came across it thanks to our cousin, Kate! She recommended it to us. It’s starting to get pretty juicy as the drama unfolds! We find ourselves watching episodes late into the night.

Before we went to bed we managed to find some time to whip up some homemade frozen yogurt. We simply mixed together strawberry yogurt, almond milk, and cinnamon and poured it into our frozen yogurt maker and 20 minutes later it was ready! We topped it with fresh strawberry and banana slices and granola. It is officially frozen yogurt season and we are not complaining 🙂



Now that you’ve seen our #WIAW don’t forget to head on over to Peas and Crayons to check out what Jenn and all the other bloggers are noming on this week. Is noming a word? If not…we just created it.

what i ate


What are your favorite frozen yogurt toppings? Our favorites are fresh fruit and granola!

DIY: Oat Flour

4 Apr

Lately we’ve been on the hunt.

For some oat flour.

We’ve looked everyone and were having no such luck.

Then the other day we realized….

You can make it yourself.

In two easy steps

Homemade Oat Flour

1. Take 1/4 cup of quick oats and pour into blender.
2. Turn blender on.

We realized that making oat flour is so much easier and cheaper than buying it at the store anyway. All you need to do is measure out the desired amount of oat flour you need for a recipe. Quick oats blends at about a 1:1 ratio. If a recipe calls for 1/4 cup of oat flour, you grind 1/4 cup of quick oats in your blender. Oat flour can be used as a substitution for other types of flours in many different recipes. We’ve seen people use oat flour to make pancakes, breads, and pizza crust.

As you saw in our post on Monday, our first recipe using oat flour was Kylie’s homemade pizza crust. It was delicious. Plus, knowing that you took the time to actually grind the flour yourself made the pizza just taste so much better.
Have you ever used oat flour before? If so, what recipes do you usually use it in?

Lentil Flatbread Pizza

31 Dec

Almost everyday we find a ton of new recipes on Pinterest that we want to try. Of course it would probably take years to actually make all the recipes we find because there are that many good ones! The amount of time we spend on Pinterest is kinda sad. It always makes us wonder how we survived without something as great as Pinterest… But thank god we will never have to know! The time we spend can be justified though.. Look at how many great ideas we have found because of it!

This recipe was inspired by one we found on Pinterest a few weeks ago! It was super easy to make and so versatile we would definitely make it again!

1/2 cup of soaked lentils (we soaked them in water for 6 hours)
2 tablespoons of either ground flax or chai seeds (we choose the flax)
2/3 cup of water

1. Puree the soaked lentils, ground flax or chai seeds and water in a blender. Now is the time to add any spices or seasoning you wish to flavor the flatbread with. We added salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. (I think garlic and basil would be a good combination too!)
2. Next, spray a frying pan with cooking spray and allow the pan to heat up on medium heat.

3. Finally pour the lentil mix into the pan and spread it around in an even layer. Allow it to cook for 5-7 minutes on medium heat, then flip and cook 5-7 minutes on the other side.

The recipe we found suggested using the flatbread with hummus but we decided to use it for pizza!

We took the cooked flatbread and added sauce, vegetables, and cheese and baked it in the oven at 350 for 10-12 minutes! This recipe was super easy and could be used as the base in so many different recipes! This is one thing we will definitely be making again soon!

Note: We’re not sure who added this all to a blender, smelled it, and still decided to still cook it! The smell of blended lentils isn’t the greatest smell but we decided to cook it anyway and it tasted SO much better than it smelled we promise! 🙂

Served with a side of sugar snap peas this was the perfect dinner!

Sweet Potato Pizza

7 Dec

Sweet potatoes are a favorite in our household, but you already know that. We were making pizza’s for lunch yesterday when we got a craving for a sweet potato. Then we decided, why not just put sweet potatoes and pizza! That’s what we did and it was amazing!

1 whole wheat tortilla
1 tablespoon feta cheese
1 tablespoon of reduced fat mozzarella
1 slice yellow onion
1 cup spinach

1. Preheat the oven to 400
2. Cover a baking sheet with foil and spray the bottom of the tortilla with cooking spray to prevent from sticking
3. Peel a small/medium size sweet potato and cook it in the microwave for 5 minutes
4. While the sweet potato is cooking, cover the tortilla with a layer of fresh spinach, followed by the onion, sweet potato slices, and finally the cheese!
5. Bake in over for 10-12 minutes
6. Top with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes and enjoy 🙂


Pizza Flatouts

19 Nov

Who loves flat out pizzas?! We do! They are one of our easiest go-to menu items. You grab a multigrain tortilla and pile it with whatever toppings you’d like.


Our selection: black beans, red onion, kale, broccoli, green onion, mozzarella cheese and finished off with some sprouts after cooking.

It’s an easy bake at 350 for 14 minutes and a quick broil at the end.

We dip ours in some sauce and add a whole lotta red pepper flakes for seasoning.

These flat-out pizzas are great on the grill in the summer months as well! Can’t wait to think of our next pizza combination to try! What’s your favorite combo?