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The Light at the End of the Tunnel & WIAW Week 17!

24 Apr

Happy Hump Day! Thanks to our over achieving genes we inherited from our mother we are basically done with this semester! Five more days of classes, a couple of presentations, and only a few finals (only one final for Kay) stand between us and summer vacation! While everyone else is stressing over last minute papers they procrastinated on….we are relatively stress free since we managed to work ahead earlier in the semester!

You know that feeling? It is a freakin’ awesome feeling!

Cheers to being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And cheers to another WIAW.

If we start the day on a good note, the rest of the day typically follows. Yesterday was no different. Banana chia baked oatmeal from Kylie and her wonderful food blog imma eat that. This was our second time making it for breakfast because it is THAT fabulous. Since our mornings are pretty crazy we mix the dry ingredients the night before to make it easier in the morning. In the morning we add the wet ingredients and pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. By the time we’re walking downstairs ready to go breakfast is ready!

Topped with a dollop of greek yogurt, (it’s under there we promise!) banana slices, and strawberries.


Lunch today was inspired by the avocados we need to use up ASAP. Last week we purchased a big bag at Cosco because they were so much cheaper than at the grocery store! We made a panini on whole grain bread with mashed chickpeas and avocado, paprika, tomato slices and spinach. Served with a side of baby carrots and grapes!


Just a close up of this bangin’ sandwich


This afternoon a package arrived on our front porch! Devon won a giveaway from another blog. We are so excited to try these out! They are an all natural sweetener in vanilla creme flavored! We think they are going to add such an awesome flavor to coffee and smoothies! Has anyone used these before? If so, please share!


We love smoothies and we like to think that a day isn’t really complete without one. Yesterday’s combo was a cup of almond milk, 1/4 cup of frozen peaches, a handful of spinach, and 1 frozen banana. Eaten out of a bowl with some cereal, almonds, and fresh fruit on top. Afternoons are so much more fun with smoothies don’t ya think?

Dinner was on the go tonight since we both worked this evening. Enjoyed in the car before work was a salad with mixed greens, beets, feta, lentils, chickpeas, and cucumbers. Topped with a pomegranate vinaigrette dressing!



Finally after work a late night snack was much needed. Stonyfield strawberry greek yogurt topped with chia seeds, hemp seeds, and buckwheat groats. This was much enjoyed well reading the latest Cosmopolitan.



We hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Remember to check out Peas & Crayons to see what everyone else is eating on this fine Wednesday.

what i ate

Egg-tastic Sandwich

8 Mar

Happy Friday 🙂

We had a very successful day yesterday.

We started the day off right.

With some Greek yogurt, chia seeds, blueberries, banana, Uncle Sam’s cereal, and slivered almonds.

Hello breakfast heaven.

Then we pampered ourselves a little.

Stole a few things from our mom’s house (sorry mom).

And came home to find a package with our new letters in it! Eeeeeek

And had a little fun in the kitchen.

Hello maple sesame toasted almonds.

Hello blog friends.

Now here’s our favorite sandwich from this week.

We want to share this awesome combination with you all.

Cranberry Egg Sandwich


2 slices Trader Joe’s Multigrain bread

1/4 avocado, mashed

1/4 cup egg beaters, scrambled

cranberry sauce


red onion

and lots of love


assemble, eat, and wish you had more.

What was your favorite sandwich combination this week?

A Spin on the Classic Veggie Burger

21 Dec

I can remember to a T the first time we tried veggie burgers. We were in our college cafeteria, attempting to eat “healthier” and decided what could be more healthy than a patty filled with vegetables?! After taking just the first bite of those veggie burgers, we were hooked. We soon began venturing out even more and trying different varieties and flavors!

We love making them for dinner because they are so quick and simple! We’ve made our own in the past, but found some fresh ones at Cosco during one of our last visits! My mom wanted to share a pack, so we found ourselves with 8 huge patties! The brand is called Don Lee Farms, incase you ever happen to come across the brand yourselves. I highly recommend them fresh, but they are still delicious after de-thawing!

Last night we pulled two out of the freezer and cooked them at 425 for 15 minutes! We decided that we would sandwich them between two slices of eggplant covered in bread crumbs and bake them in the oven at 425 for around 15 minutes as well.

Breading the eggplant is pretty easy! We put a tablespoon of eggbeaters in a bowl and brushed each side of the eggplant with it using a pastry brush. Then we dipped the eggplant in a little container of breadcrumbs. We sprinkled parsley on top of the slices before placing them into the oven.

Drumroll.. Onto the final assembly! We piled this baby high with topping. We first put down a piece of eggplant, followed by the veggie patty. Then we put mixed greens, tomato slices, red onion, mushrooms, and sprouts on-top before the final piece of eggplant. Then we drizzled the sandwich with Asian sesame dressing to add another touch of flavor. Of course this wasn’t an actual sandwich that could be eaten with your hands, but was just as delicious with a fork and a knife.


Quick list of ingredients: veggie patty, eggplant, egg beaters (or an egg white), bread crumbs, mixed greens, tomato slices, red onion, sliced mushrooms, sprouts, and asian sesame dressing

Hope this gave you all some inspiration to create your own veggie burger piled high with toppings and flavor! 🙂

Jam Packed Sandwich

13 Dec


You have just got to try this delicious sandwich combo. Ingredients: Ezekiel sprouted sesame bread, sliced turkey breast, sprouts, spinach, sliced tomato, red onion, cucumber, and a laughing cow cheese wedge. It all equates to one healthy, hearty sandwich to instantly satisfy.