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Shrimp Pasta

20 Dec

Remember when we said our mom brought us over some goodies for us to cook with for our end of the semester celebration dinner? Well, she tends to think we are bottomless pits and brings enough food for way more than just one meal! The 40 plus shrimp she bought for us could be easily divided between two dinners. The second half of the shrimp were used to make a pasta dish topped with diced tomatoes, spinach, cream cheese, and red pepper flakes…. Yum!


Doesn’t it just look so yummy?

2 servings of whole wheat pasta
1 cup of spinach
2 tablespoons of low-fat cream cheese
1 cup diced tomatoes (petite diced canned tomatoes work perfectly)
1 teaspoon of red pepper flakes
1 cup water from pasta
20 medium sized steamed shrimp


1. First boil water and cook your pasta (make sure to reserve 1 cup of the pasta water for your sauce)

2. Once the pasta is cooked, drained, and set aside, begin making your sauce. Combine the reserved pasta water, red pepper flakes, and diced tomatoes in a frying pan and bring to a boil.

3. When the sauce begins to boil add the cream cheese (breaking it up before adding it in the pan helps it melt faster) and cook on low, stirring occasionally allowing the sauce to thicken (about 8-10 minutes)

4. Finally as the sauce thickens, add your pre cooked shrimp to the sauce and allow them to get hot. Once hot, mix in spinach and enjoy!

Serves two.


Celebrate Good Times

18 Dec

Our mother is the best mom I know! She is always surprising us or stopping by our house for an unexpected visit. To celebrate being completely done with our semester at college she brought us over some goodies to cook with! She knows us so well. Asparagus, Shrimp, and HUGE Sweet Potatoes. We hit the jackpot.

Prep work was pretty basic for this meal.

The shrimp were already seasoned with some Old Bay so all we did was warm them up in a pan on the stovetop right before dinner. So simple.

The sweet potatoes were washed, poked with a fork, lightly salted, and wrapped in foil before being placed in the oven at 400 degrees for 60 minutes. We had to keep poking them with a fork to make sure they were done. We are kinda impatient about waiting until they’re completely cooked.

The asparagus was easy to prepare as well. We just snipped off the ends and steamed them in the microwave in a damp paper towel. 3.5 minutes is all it took. We were going to grill them, but we couldn’t face the cold! We’re kinda wimps about the cold.

Viola.. Meal Complete


And of course, there needed to be a celebratory drink involved as well!


Stella! One of our favorites. Definitely a perfect way to end the semester! Can’t wait for these next few weeks of relaxation and extra time for cooking in the kitchen! Stay tuned for what we think of next.