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The Big 2-1

6 Jan

Marvelous does not even begin to explain this weekend!
Can you guess why?
It was marvelous because we celebrated our 21st birthday!
and here’s a little photo recap of what went down.

Our weekend was filled with beer.
Lots of sister time.
Raw cheesecake.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.40.06 PM
High school friends.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.34 PM
Fresh juice.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.55 PM
More friends.
Oh She Glows veggie burgers.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.47 PM
Troegs Brewery.
And flowers.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.39.20 PM
We are so thankful for all of our friends and family that made our special day so wonderful!


No Bull Burgers

9 Jul

We have been wanting to get our hands on a package of No Bull Burgers for EVER. We tried ordering them online and shipping them to us but that would have cost us an additional $20! Craziness. We were not doing that. Then we tried to find them in our area, but we found out that they are only made and sold locally in Virginia. So once again, out of luck.

However, some of our dad’s family lives in Virginia and we knew we were all getting together in Pennsylvania for the 4th of July. So, we texted our Aunt and asked her if she would search around her local Whole Foods and health stores to try and find us a package or two! Luckily, she was able to hunt them down and find them in a Whole Foods store near her! Woo-hoo! We were so excited to finally try one of these burgers that so many people have been raving about. We were really hoping that we would not end up disappointed and unimpressed by these burgers.

So what did we think of No Bull Burgers? As most of you know, we are huge fans of veggie burgers. We have tried TONS of different veggie burgers and they are always one of our quick go-to meals because they can always keep us full and satisfied for hours.

Previously, we have tried varieties including Morningstar’s Black Bean Burgers, Don Lee Farm’s fresh veggie patties, our own Lentil Vegetable Burgers, and a lot of different varieties of homemade bean burgers. Our favorite patties are fresh, flavorful, and full of ingredients that we can recognize!

The Pro’s: they do not fall apart on the grill, they are full of flavor, the ingredients are recognizable and can be seen throughout the patty, the cooking time is minimal, and they are delicious!

The Con’s: they are only found local and once we get through our two packages we are out of luck until we make another trip to Virginia!
These No Bull Burgers are definitely at the top of our favorites list. We love them, and are planning to have them over a salad later this week!

Have you ever tried No Bull Burgers?