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What did you eat on Wednesday?

11 Dec

We love Wednesdays.

It’s our favorite day of the week to share with you what we have been making in the kitchen. It is the first week without any classes for the both of us, so we have spent a lot of our time thinking of good recipes to make with all of our free time.

Be sure to check out the rest of the link-up over at Peas and Crayon’s.

wiaw fall into good habits button

We haven’t touched on this months theme yet so we thought we would share with you a few of our healthy habits.

Healthy habit #1: Eat breakfast. So many of our friends have told us that they skip breakfast. We wonder, how are you suppose to ace a final without any brain food? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Research shows that our metabolisms do not start until we’ve eaten something. It takes less than five minutes to make a bowl of oatmeal or toast a piece of whole grain bread and slater it with peanut butter and banana slices. Don’t make time an excuse to skip out on our favorite meal of the day.

Healthy habit #2: Always be prepared. We always make sure to carry a couple of healthy snack options so we never run into trouble. We have lost count of how many times this back up snack has saved the day. One time Devon even gave her emergency snack to the secretary at the dentist office who was complaining of hunger. I think she made her day.

Healthy habit #3: Read the ingredients label. At times we are even surprised at some of the ingredients we find in a product we thought would be a clean option. Our general rule of thumb, if you don’t know what an ingredient is you probably don’t want it in your body. Of course it is almost impossible to be critical 100% of the time, but we try to make sure at least 75% of the products we use meet this standard. Next time you purchase a food product check out the ingredients list. You may just be surprised.

Here’s a recap of what we ate yesterday!

We started the day with a big bowl of egg white oats, complete with almond butter, coconut butter, banana slices, and strawberries!


After breakfast, we met a good friend for coffee at our local Dunkin Donuts!


After catching up all morning we decided soup would be a perfect idea for lunch considering the winter wonderland going on outside.

We pulled out two cans of Amy’s soup from our pantry that we’d been saving for a day like today.

No chicken noodle soup, homemade corn bread, and a fresh pear made for a pretty perfect lunch!


We spent the afternoon cleaning out and organizing our closets. Then before our 5 o’clock pump class we fueled our bodies with an afternoon berry smoothie made with 1 cup of mixed frozen berries, 1 cup of soy milk, and 1/2 frozen banana. It was a great afternoon snack topped with Natures Path almond crunch granola and eaten out of a bowl.


After pump we were staving and super glad we has leftovers on the menu for dinner tonight. More cornbread and leftover kale and corn quiche we made yesterday served with a side of green beans. Simplicity is key.


We ended the day watching the Victoria Secrets fashion show with a few friends while snacking on apples and bananas with almond butter.


We are loving on apples and bananas lately. What’s your favorite winter fruit? Do you have a healthy habit you always follow? Please share!


Here’s to another “WIAW” post

23 Oct

I can’t tell you the last time I took a photograph of EVERY single meal I ate in a day.

Some meals taste better than they look. Others are met with bad lighting. Some don’t make it to a photo album because I’m just way too damn hungry to wait.

But thats ok, because some of life’s greatest moments can’t always be photographed. Like free samples the size of my face at the Great Harvest in Utah. Or my dinner on the plane that got even the flight attendant’s mouth watering.

But all of these little details from my trip reminded me how much I love to share my food photography. So here is a big thanks to Jen, over at Peas and Crayons for hosting the weekly What I Ate Wednesday link up.. If you have not checked out the site lately, I recommend scrolling through the link-up to see who is all participating this week.


So, in preparation for my latest what I ate Wednesday post, I captured all of yesterday eats on film. Since I got back from my trip to Utah, I’ve been craving greens, greens, and more greens. The past few days they have been showing up in smoothies, salads, lettuce wraps, and in vegetable form. My body is thanking me. It was getting very tired of hummus sandwiches. But hey, when you want to eat healthy on the go, they do the trick! They are easy to transport, make, and eat. What do you make for quick meals on the go?

Breakfast: I celebrated how fabulous life is lately with a “spur of the moment” pumpkin baked oatmeal. Thanks to my friend Kylee over at immaeatthat, I topped it with her genius icing. 1 tbsp peanut butter + 2 tbsp of Greek yogurt + a drizzle of honey. Hi breakfast, you rock!


Plus pumpkin coffee because life is better with pumpkin involved. Lighting is not the greatest, because i’m usually enjoying my breakfast just as the sun is coming up!

Lunch: I found avocados on sale at the store for .49 cents a piece! Being the avocado lover I am, I quickly threw four large ones into my cart! Did you know if you refrigerate them at their peak of ripeness, they stay at that ripeness level until you wish to use them?! It’s a great trick when you have four avocados and only one tummy to fit them in.

Anyways, lunch incorporated my recently purchased avocados. It also included a large cosco fresh veggie burger, red peppers, carrots, goat cheese, sweet potato fries I made at 8 in the morning, and honey! Grapes on the side!


Dinner: After running around all afternoon busy with schoolwork and work training, I was happy to only have to come home and heat up the homemade soup I made the night before. Thanks to Kayla, I found the recipe after she made it for all of her friends in Australia! They all loved it, she raved about it, so of course I had to make it! Here’s the initial recipe, but I added zucchini, left out celery because I didn’t have it, and used italian seasoning for flavor! If you are in need of a good soup recipe, I would suggest this one!

I was so hungry when I ate this, I completely forgot to photograph it!  I even thought I took a photograph of it, until I looked back at my daily photos later. Sorry everyone!

Snacks: In between my crazy day, my afternoon snack included a simple green smoothie and almond butter toast to help my upset stomach. It’s been having a little bit of difficulties these past few days.


Another snack was a big juicy pear! I am on such a pear kick lately, I cannot get enough of them!


My mom surprised me with a huge container of cottage cheese, so I could not wait any longer to open it. I have been craving cottage cheese all weekend long!

And that was that!  Happy Wednesday!

WIAW Australian Style

31 Jul

Happy Wednesday!

It’s Kayla checking in again. Devon and I thought it would be fun to feature a WIAW post Australian style.


To be honest, Australian food is pretty American. Despite the occasional kangaroo burger you may find in the grocery store, it’s mostly filled with typical American food.

While making the decision to study in Australia I knew I would be living in a dorm again. Although I am not a huge fan of dorm life my favorite part about this program was the fact that I was not required to have a meal plan. Instead, each dorm is equipped with industrial kitchens so that students can prepare their own food.

Although we have community refrigerators, I opted to purchase my own bar fridge for my dorm room. What can I say, I like my food right where I can see it.

Although at home I prefer to eat at least one salad a day, sometimes that isn’t possible here. Instead I try to fill my plate with a huge serving of vegetables, some type of whole grain, and a protein. Meat is pretty expensive here, so it is good I am not a big fan. Instead I have been surviving off of tuna, canned beans, lentils, and brown rice.

For breakfast I usually have either oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter or cottage cheese with fruit and nuts.


Sandwiches for lunch have been super easy as well as filling. My favorite combinations include:

Scrambled eggs, feta, mixed greens, and hummus


Tuna and hummus

Smashed chickpea and avocado

Cottage cheese and tuna


Hummus, feta, and mixed greens

I always pair my sandwiches with carrots and some piece of fresh fruit.

Last week I visited the Victoria Market in downtown Melbourne and was able to score tons of cheap fruit including 5 pink lady apples for 90 cents as well as a huge bag of Australian oranges for $3, amazing.

Veggie burger salads have been my go- to dinners. They are simple, quick to throw together, and super filling. I found Australian chickpea and sunflower seed veggie burgers at the grocery store. They rock.


Huge bowls of random goodness have been enjoyed a lot as well. This one includes brown rice, cauliflower, kidney beans (they are there-I promise) and avocado.


I have not been able to find any granola bars I like lately so I’ve been snacking on nuts and fruit as well as yogurt topped with raw oats and buckwheat groats.


Eating out in Melbourne is expensive. Yet again, everything is pretty expensive in Melbourne. So far I’ve tried to limit my eating out to once a week if at all possible. Most of my friends are broke exchange students too, so that works out nicely.

Finally, our school provides a bus free of charge on Saturday morning that runs from campus to a local shopping center. The shopping center has a large grocery store as well as an Aldi. I’ve tried to buy the majority of my food fresh and here is a picture of my latest grocery haul!


A cashew, almond, hazelnut & coconut cereal, pearl barley, balsamic vinegar, mixed grain bread, mixed greens, spinach, bananas, carrots, apples, avocados, chickpeas, rice cakes, greek yogurt, cashews, hummus, lentils, cottage cheese, tofu, tuna, sardines, and a Chobani greek yogurt (sadly at $2/piece they are a luxury item).

Although I definitely prefer my American kitchen with a fully stocked pantry and fridge, i’m definitely getting by just fine!

Do you have any questions about my stay in Australia that you would like for me to answer? 

The Last What “WE” Ate Wednesday for Awhile

10 Jul

We were laying in bed last night after spending the entire evening packing for Kayla’s trip abroad to Australia when it dawned on me. This would be the last time we would share with you what we both ate for the next five months! At this time next week, we will be continents apart! This experience apart will be life changing for us both, and a challenge we both aren’t quite sure how we are going to get through yet. When others ask how we are going to survive without each other we simply say, “we haven’t talked about it yet.” That’s because in all honesty, we haven’t. We have this twin telepathy thing where we both kinda know what one another are thinking, and the words do not need to be spoken out loud to one another. The next five months we will survive on skype dinner/breakfast dates, i-messaging, photographs, and care packages.

So what great foods are we eating before Kayla leaves the country? We stocked up on essentials for her last week that included trader joe’s multigrain bread, sun butter, tempeh, extra firm tofu, butternut squash, and corn on the cob!

Hot oats infused with chia seeds, almond butter, cottage cheese, cinnamon, and chunks of a gala apple.


Paired perfectly with vanilla macadamia nut coffee and soy milk. We recently made a switch to using soy milk or almond milk in our morning coffee instead of a sugar-free creamer. The switch is just another way we’re adding more “whole foods” into our diets.

Trader joe’s multigrain bread with herbed turkey breast, hummus and mixed greens. Along with the sandwich we enjoyed carrot sticks and a lemon Greek yogurt.


We both worked yesterday, so we enjoyed these go raw pumpkin bars. If you haven’t tried any go raw products before we highly recommend you keep a look out for them! They ROCK.


We put together a mixed greens salad with roasted tempeh, butternut squash, onion and garlic. We currently have a ton of ripe avocados that need to be used in our fridge so we added 1/2 an avocado to the top. With a drizzle of balsamic, this salad was perfect!


After dinner, we took a quick little walk around the neighborhood before getting into the next episode of our current obsession: New Girl. We are trying to watch all the episodes before Kayla leaves for Australia. This way we can keep up on the next series together even though we are miles apart.

We paused New Girl to make a smoothie in a bowl.


Into the blender went 2 frozen bananas, a handful of frozen blueberries, and 1 1/2 cups of coconut dream milk. We topped it with mesa flakes, the end of our fresh blueberry stash, and almonds.


After watching a few more episodes of New Girl, we were ready for bed. That 5:17 am alarm clock comes pretty quickly anytime after 10 pm. But we do love getting our workout in before most people are even out of bed.

Do you have a specific workout plan that you stick with each week?

Until next Wednesday, be sure to head over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else is up to lately. Last week we enjoyed scrolling through a few different blogs to get some new inspiration and ideas from others! It is a wonderful experience to be able to link up with almost 200 other bloggers who are sharing their most recent meals and eats.


The next few days are going to be spent by squeezing in as much twin time as possible. We have some fun dinner plans, a much needed mother-daughter pedicure date, and a body pump class or two to attend, and some shopping! What would the last few days together be without a trip to TJ Maxx and the farmers market?

A Working WIAW

3 Jul

Happy WIAW Wednesday!


So far our summer has been fabulous. We’ve been spending our time working, eating, body pumping, and soaking up the sunshine….and engaging in a lot of retail therapy, especially at J.Crew.

Yesterdays eats involved a fun breakfast, a packed lunch, and a speedy but fancy dinner! Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Kodkaik Cake Mix + Greek yogurt + sun butter + blueberries + strawberries + natures sprinkles



Fruit & Nut Kind Bar



Hummus sandwich + pear + lemon Greek yogurt + carrot


This sandwich has been our go-to lately. Whole grain bread + Sabra Tuscan Herb hummus + carrots + cucumber slices + mixed greens + sprouts = deliciousness


Juicy pears are the bomb.



We worked semi-late last night so we had a later than usual dinner. When we got home from work we preheated the oven to 400 degree’s and roasted our vegetables for 20 minutes and then added in the salmon for the last 10!


Roasted Vegetables (summer squash + eggplant + sweet potato) with rosemary and garlic baked salmon!


Late night snack

Arrowhead Mills Sprouted Multigrain Flakes + blueberries + cashews + coconut milk


Today we’re off to visit family for a few days. We are looking forward to the time off from work to enjoy good food, great weather, and amazing family. We hope you all have a fabulous July 4th. If you’re blanking on what to make for your holiday party we recommend whipping up a batch of lentil burgers or coconut black bean dip paired with vegetables and whole wheat crackers.

What’s your favorite holiday food or tradition? (we’re obsessed with having festive breakfasts on a holiday)

WIAW Blueberry Edition

12 Jun

Happy Wednesday! We are pretty happy it’s already Wednesday considering we have fun plans for today! We both have off so we filled our day full of fun activities including 5:50 am Muscle Pump, cleaning the house (okay not so fun but much needed), a mother-daughter-grandma lunch date at one of our favorite local restaurants, and an afternoon poolside.

wiaw sensible snacking button

Thanks to Jenn for hosting another fabulous WIAW Wednesday. This month’s theme is sensible snacking and lately we’ve been snacking on tons of fresh fruit, vegetables with hummus, smoothies, Berry Blast Simply Real Pro Bars, cottage cheese, and cashew energy bites (recipe coming soon!).

On Sunday we picked up a huge carton of blueberries at Cosco so we’ve been adding them to everything lately!

Yesterday Eats

Breakfast cookie topped with plain greek yogurt and blueberries with blueberry coffee on the side.


Close up shot


Whole wheat tortilla topped with 2 scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato slices, mixed greens, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Paired with a big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and mango.


Close up shot #2


Naked Green Machine juice on the side.


Afternoon Snacking
Devon snacked on a Roasted Nut Roll Uber Lara Bar and grapes while at work.


Kayla snacked on a piece of whole grain bread topped with peanut butter.

We both enjoyed lots of grapes too!

Baked chicken, asparagus, and a side of Blueberry Bulgur Wheat Salad we were just dying to make from yesterday’s post.


Late night snack

Homemade Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding (2 tablespoons of chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of PB2, 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, 1/2 sliced banana) topped with homemade Coconut Whip Cream, blueberries, and extra banana slices.


We are loving summer and all the fresh produce that comes along with it! What’s your favorite summer produce item?

Lately + WIAW

5 Jun

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting another fabulous week of WIAW. We hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. Our favorite thing about this week is definitely being able to enjoy breakfast and dinner outside. Here’s an update on what’s been happening with us in the past few days. FYI, theres are lots of yummy food pictures below. We take no responsibility if these pictures make you a little hungry…. 😉


Overnight oats topped with freshly picked strawberries, Trader Joe’s peanut butter, and buckwheat groats!

Cilantro pesto mixed with tofu, baby spinach, asparagus, penne pasta, and roasted eggplant.


An evening dinner date featuring black bean burgers, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, kale chips, and Trader Joe’s blueberry and pomegranate green tea!
We enjoyed some fresh pears as afternoon snacks.
Look at our grape tomato plant! We can’t wait till they are ripe enough to eat.


Plain soy yogurt topped with 1/2 mango, freshly picked strawberries, and Trader Joe’s peanut butter and gluten free cranberry maple nut granola.


Tempeh, roasted sweet potatoes, bread croutons, baby spinach, and fresh cherries on the side.



Pacific Natural Foods vegetable lentil and roasted red pepper soup. Whenever we buy boxed or canned soup we always make sure to read the ingredients label first. This one is pretty rocking and we topped it with buckwheat groats for an extra crunch.



Strawberry banana dough boy smoothie with buckwheat granola, coconut butter, Trader Joe’s peanut butter, and toasted coconut.


A baby spinach salad in an almost empty greens container topped with cottage cheese/tuna mixture, carrots, Trader Joe’s chipotle pepper hummus, and paired with a side of Blue Diamond artisan multi-seed gluten free crackers and topped with Annie’s Naturals roasted red pepper salad dressing.


More pears for afternoon snacks, this time drizzled with some Whole Foods peanut butter


Late night snack of strawberry greek yogurt topped with strawberries, granola, and mint leaves from our garden.


Overnight oats in an almost empty nut butter jar may just be the best way to start the morning, ever.

Yesterday we tried making Oh She Glows Super Power Chia Bread and it turned out awesome! We topped the bread with apricot preserves, mixed greens from our garden, and homemade beet burgers we threw together. We paired this combo with carrots and an orange.
Yesterday we also accidentally discovered that a Sweet Frog is coming soon near our house! That definitely made our day 100 times better! Whooooo.
Afternoon snacking. This months WIAW theme is sensible snacking. We were out and about and decided to pick up this snack from a nearby grocery store. Whenever you’re in a rut and need a quick healthy snack think about checking out a nearby grocery store. Usually grocery stores are a lot cheaper than gas stations with a lot more healthy options.
Check out this ingredients list! We may have just found our new favorite bottled juice.

Fava beans, mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon and cayenne, and fresh sugar snap peas tossed with coconut butter.
Late night snacking.

We love Wednesdays simply because we get to eat, drink, take pictures of our food, and blog about our most recent eats. What’s your favorite day of the week?


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